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How would you inprove The Monkey Island Games?

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

I have been wondering some stuff about Tales Of Monkey Island and i realised after playing through it again that it is my favourite Monkey Island Game (i did think my favourite was Curse of Monkey Island).

But then i throught what was changed in the game to give us this game i think is great. i seen in a thread about some concepts for This Game (i think one was for the Poxed Guybrush when he got angry).

So This Thread is about what you would do to inprove Monkey Island games after this or would you keep it the way it is going right now. I would not change a thing because i think the game is already great. Also you can talk about stuff you wish the kept in the game from the concepts (again the only concept i can remember from some other thread is a different looking Poxed Guybrush) also you can talk about if other Monkey Island games should be inproved...(yes people can also talk about Monkey Island 2's Ending) so ill start off on saying that while Escape from Monkey Island was good i think it started to drag on a bit after you go to the island with Planet Threepwood

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