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When can we expect to see SOMETHING about Telltale's KQ?

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I wonder when we'll see or hear something substantial about Tell-Tale's King's Quest game.


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  • @MusicallyInspired said: I'm sorry, but none of those games (TMI or SMI) match King's Quest's style at all. I hope it's nothing like Tales. Basically, I'm hoping that King's Quest will be different from everything they've done so far.

    What TMI did that wouldn't match King's Quest:

    [*]An extreme overuse of conversation puzzles
    [*]Lack of dying
    [*]Extreme overdose of Telltale-style humourous dialogue (which most of the time isn't really that funny). King's Quest is not a comedy
    [*]Exaggerated caricature style character design (though I suspect we'll get this regardless)
    [*]Not enough locales
    [*]Easy-peasy puzzles
    [*]Annoying hint system (we're getting this either way)
    [*]A world that's completely safe and not dangerous (to your life or game progress) at all. For instance, the dwarf in KQ2. He could steal your equipment and slow you down, you could always get your stuff back again, however, by raiding his chest in his house.
    [*]Too much talking (exposition, story, character/plot development), not enough puzzle solving
    [*]Not enough wide shots to explore everything in a given game "room"/Too much "cinematic camera angles"
    [*]Too short.

    Good list.

    I've been thinking, however, about it being "too short." Now, I know that time played during a single playthrough is significantly shorter when one already knows the solutions to puzzles, and I haven't exactly timed myself lately, but I'm not sure the time it takes to beat KQ4, 5 or 6 is that much longer (or shorter) than the time it takes to beat Tales.

    I'm not arguing your other points. I do think that Tales didn't have enough to interact with; too much dialogue and not enough puzzles; and caricature character models.

    One thing about KQ games that I'm not sure how TTG can replicate is the variation between sizes of different areas. What I mean is, the starting area of KQ5 and 3 are the largest explorable areas of those games, and I'm not sure how that could be replicated in an episodic game series.

    @MusicallyInspired said: I want cheesy-ness and cheesy puns (King Anthony the Great, Queen Icebella).

    I know there are cheesy moments in KQ games, but I really detested the ant and bee characters in that game, and ESPECIALLY the dumb ant song while they search for the needle.

    I don't want to have to keep coming back to the same areas over and over. Once one area or land has no further use, it should be left behind.

    I'm not sure about the implementation of this. in KQ3 you spend most of the game in Llewdor; in KQ4 you spend the whole game on Tamir, with the time of day changing; in KQ5, the largest explorable area is the open area of Serenia before passing the snake.

  • @blueskirt said: I know but since Jurassic Park, these kind of convos somewhat turned into "Don't make King's Quest an interactive movie". And realistically, I think Tales is most likely where Telltale will start when they'll design the gameplay of King's Quest.

    They've turned into that because not everybody agrees with your delineation of what's realistic. I have a different opinion on that. I can't just accept someone imposing an arbitrary assumption and suggesting that conversation has to be confined to what follows from it when I believe there are important issues arising from debate on the assumption itself. It's hard to avoid these kinds of problems in forums when people think what's self-obvious to them should be self-obvious to everyone else. No matter how self-obvious it is. :D


    Back to the current sub-topic...

    First and foremost, I want multiple modes of interaction -- look, touch, talk, etc. I don't really care how it's implemented, a row of icons at the top, cursor-cycling, a popup menu, whatever.

    I agree with most everything Anakin said. Except I would not say I want the plot to be "simplistic". I would rather say simple, as in non-convoluted, but I have no problem with the idea that a KQ plot could be as detailed as KQ6's. Not only should the gameplay genre be adventure but so should the fictional genre -- as others have said, a journey or quest, with no psychological drama.

    I agree with Chyron that cheesiness taken too far is not a good thing.

    @blueskirt said: Not enough wide shots to explore everything in a given game "room"/Too much "cinematic camera angles"

    This is an interesting issue I'd like to talk about more, except I'm not exactly sure what I want to say :D. If I could untangle my own thinking on it and write something coherent, maybe I'll do it as a new thread.

  • tone and formant of KQ5-7

    I wouldn't even consider KQ7 as the same tone and format of KQ4-6 (and KQ1 remake)... KQ4 is loosely same tone and format as the later 2 games... When the series started to turn more serious, more dramatic, and had less humor (though the humor in the narrative dialogue is still there, but to a lesser degree than previous games)...

    KQ7 was more over the top, and silly...

    KQ8 moved back more towards the more serious/dramatic style of KQ4-6 (and KQ1 remake)... But went out of its way to add things the series was not previously known for...

  • tbh the dark and grittyness of a story is all based on personal perspective some people will see it as a dark and gritty experience while others wont.

  • @BagginsKQ said: "Morgeilen"?

    You mean characters from the novels that had nothing to do with Jane Jensen?

    Wow. Can't believe you got that wrong. Morgeilen isn't from the novels. He's The Father in AGDI's games.

  • @MusicallyInspired said: Wow. Can't believe you got that wrong. Morgeilen isn't from the novels. He's The Father in AGDI's games.

    Anxiously awaiting Baggins' wall-of-text, citation filled post explaining why it is YOU who, in fact, are wrong, and he was right all along. ;)

  • Musically, I was thinking of Morowyn, the Wizard from The Floating Castle... Was obviously tired and misread his post, and typed that, LOL...

    Too many wizards starting with the "Mor" title :p...

    However, my point still stands... I don't consider the The Father (who in this case originates out of a Fan Game) to have anything to do with Jane Jensen... Anymore than I would blame her for any characters from the novels (although KQ6 did inspire the The Floating Castle artwork)!

  • @BagginsKQ said:

    KQ8 moved back more towards the more serious/dramatic style of KQ4-6 (and KQ1 remake)... But went out of its way to add things the series was not previously known for...

    KQ3 wasn't serious or dramatic? The whole game is basically Gwydion escaping from Mannannan and trying to get home. Sure we got a few light hearted moments, but most of the game is pretty determined.

  • Techie, the idea was serious, but pay attention to the narration. There are alot of break the fourth wall style humor in it. Very silly stuff... It was also the last of the games to play the narration as 'you as the character'. 2nd Person narration..., and later games pushed more towards more of a 3rd Person style of narration.

    Look at some of the stuff said during the few conversations... Incuding the whole 'tattoo' remark, or the 'twincest' comments (milky white skin, sweeet cherry lips, bountiful assets, you'd kiss/date her if she wasn't your sister")!

    For all intents and purposes the game has a relatively bright and cheery artstyle, and atmosphere throughout...

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