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Let's Play - Legend of Grimrock

posted by RetroVortex on - last edited - Viewed by 656 users

I've been wanting to do a LP for a while, but due to technical difficulties and lack of time, I've been unable to.

But St. Eddie (Davies), suggested that maybe I should just do a typed up one instead.

You know what... I'm going to take you up on that.

So for the past hour or so, I have been working on the first chapter of the grand voyage into the unknown.

Which can be read here:

Not so eventful, but all journeys have to have a beginning! Right? :o

So the game I chose was Legend of Grimrock.
A perfect choice, because I literally just downloaded it, and I want to be driven to play it.

So yeah. Enjoy. :D

(NOTE: It may take some time to upload the files, so chapters may not be immediately available)

EDIT: Updated with link to chapter 4.

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