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Why do they call them zombies? :/

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More of a nitpick, especially with the problems are having. But why do they call them zombies? In both the comics and TV series they are never called zombies.

The idea is that in the universe of the walking dead the concept of a zombie has never come up. Which is why they call them walkers (or whatever names they come up with).

While calling them walkers would be the same as what the main group does, I would have still prefered that then calling them zombies. But the voice acting is likely done, and it's too late to change anything.

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  • I don't think Kirkman ever specifically touched on it in his comics, but not saying "zombie" all the time just makes sense. I wouldn't use that word either in the middle of an epidemic, because then you're constantly being reminded that you're surrounded by actual re-animated corpses. "Walkers" is a lot easier on the psyche.

    Episode 1 takes place during the initial outbreak, remember, so that word would be the first thing to pop into anybody's head. Lee and his crew might not be using it in later episodes, but you'll have to wait and see.

  • @Icedhope said: I find it funny and I know they point it out a few times how different people call them different things.

    Yep. There's 'zombies', 'roamers', 'lurkers', 'biters'

    I also vaguely remember Rick and another character discussing what they should call them. I think that's when they come up with the 'lurker' and 'roamer' monikers. Eh. I don't remember. I guess I have some reading to do...

    @Icedhope said: "Walkers" is a lot easier on the psyche.


  • What bugs me is the fact that they referred to them as walkers at some points during the game. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure I saw it. Wasn't the term "walkers" invented by Ricks group?

  • Didn't they call them "geeks" on the tv show for a while? I always thought that was kinda clever.

    But yeah, I always thought they didn't use the word in the comics just because they thought it seemed silly. There was a similar scene in Shaun of the Dead ("Don't use the zed word!"). For some reason, even when they're actually trying to gnaw at your neck, using the word "zombie" just makes it seem ridiculous.

  • Terms for zombies and their explanations(spoilers? I don't know how to spoilertag)
    Walker: Obvious, they resemble Texas Rangers
    Roamer: They roam, or walk around.
    Lurker: They lie in wait without the energy or ability to get up and walk.
    Biter: They bite, therefore biter.(Only Woodbury scum use this term. DEATH TO WOODBURY)
    Zombie: Mindless creature. Kirkman has said that Romero's movies didn't ever exist in his universe and therefore the term comes from its more literal origin.
    Geek: Someone who does distasteful things. Personally I always found it to be an almost racist term.

    Personally I would just prefer the term "undead" or "dead".

  • @Mike said: Rick and Tyrese actually did refer to them as zombies at one point in the comics, but then said they thought it sounded funny to use that word. Sorry, can't remember the exact dialog, but it was around the time they got to the prison.

    Someone tweeted Kirkman a question recently where they asked about the term zombies and why it's not really used. He pretty much gave this response. It's not a known term in this universe. The comics refer to it maybe that one time? Just an interesting departure - maybe a way to separate it from all of the other zombie stuff out there.

  • I'm just now starting to read the comics (my wife has been reading them for years) and Glenn uses the word "zombies" in the very first issue. So the word does exist in the Walking Dead universe, but I think it makes sense that people would use a variety of words for them.

  • I might have misspoken there -- I'm reading them in the compiled graphic novel form, so it was probably the second or third comic book issue where this took place.

  • The comics revolve around a mostly different group of survivors, I guess each group of survivors has their own way of assessing and describing them. It's not as if there are tv stations broadcasting to establish a widespread norm in terminology

  • They actually refer to them as zombies quite a bit once they get to the prison and there are references before as well.


    It's funny how things works out. In the Spielberg tv series Falling Skies they have the same thing where different groups name the aliens different things.

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