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Need advice about possible ipad purchase :)

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Hello everyone!

Basically I want to get a device to play the remastered Broken Sword games, Beneath a Steel Sky, the portable Mass Effect games, and obviously the Telltale games!

As a couple of these are exclusive to the i"thing" I'm considering getting an ipad. I'm just wondering, do I need a specific model? Are there any differences between the ipad 1 and 2 that would affect what I want it for?

Obviously I know to get one with more space on it, to have all these games on it, but other than that I don't have a clue!

Also, is it hard to get ScummVM on it? If it is I'll just stick to ScummVM being on my (infinitely cool) android! :p

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  • Ipad 2 is the way to go. No scummvm though, unless you jailbreak it, and that is kind of risky.
    Also, depends on which country are you in.

  • I'd love an iDevice but Apples record of being

    A. Retardedly rich and B. Stupidly selfish really put me off.

    Maybe when they get some realistic pricing and sort out their horrible human rights record i'll be smiling with the rest of the iOS folk.

  • I have scummvm on my galaxy s2, so I'll just get an ipad, hopefully ipad 2 if I can afford one. With the new ones coming out maybe the price will drop :)

  • If telltale would publish for android tables, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend my one (Asus transformer). They're reasonably cheap and have expandable storage and HDMI outputs too so you could slap them on a big screen. Unfortunately, despite ttg promising to develop for android over a year ago, I've seen nothing yet. But curse of monkey island is definitely awesome on a giant touchscreen. If a telltale staffer would come on and say that they are still working on ports, I would be ecstatic. *hint hint*

    As for whether you should get an iPad 1 or 2 or 3, I think 2 is the way to go. Better battery life, slimmer and cheaper than the 3 but faster than 1. Screen isn't that great compared to the new iPad, or quite a few android tablets, but I think that's bearable for you and the types of games you'll be playing.

  • They were going to develop for Android!? That would make me insanely happy!!

  • Yeah, they showed it off last year apparently.
    Click. Or tap.

  • Of course, there's been all that trouble recently about the new iPad advertising (apparently it's got 4G, but the adverts don't mention that you can't use that particular version of 4G in something like 99% of the world, or some such nonsense)

  • @Friar said: Yeah, they showed it off last year apparently.
    Click. Or tap.

    It won't work on Galaxy S2, it's not a Tegra 2 device :(

    Time for an upgrade, subject to release anyway :P

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    There's an app called Chainfire3D which makes Tegra games work in non-Tegra devices. It doesn't work for all games, though

  • Whoa, that's crazy! I would assume it would only work on some devices, and I hope the Galaxy S2 is one of them, it's quite decent specs. I hope the S3 does, I love this phone and am probably going to upgrade when I'm allowed, to the S3 :D

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