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Issues with BttF and Monkey Island (again)

posted by outerfox on - last edited - Viewed by 136 users

Late last year I made a thread about a blank screen when I tried to run Back to the Future and Monkey Island. Turned out it was a driver issue and one where the game (for some reason) will not run on medium and high graphical settings.

I had updated the drivers recently again and I could run BttF. Then I had the bright idea to try and see if it would run in medium and high and got the same blank screen and then was unable to put it back to low, because of the black screen. So now I'm stuck with not being able to play that (even after a complete reinstall) and Monkey Island never gives me the chance to change the graphic setting.

Any help would be completely awesome. I'd love to be able to play these games again, but if I can't even see the screen to change the settings then I guess they're just going to collect dust. :( BTW: when I hit alt+enter to make it go windowed mode, it still freezes up. I've ran as administrator and that does no good, as does trying to run it in any compatibility mode.

DXDiag included! :)

Thanks once again. Hopefully this time when I have a "bright idea" I'll just give myself a smack upside the head and not try it. :P

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