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If you've ever been part of game design thread

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So I was wondering how many people here have actually participated in game design before? It'd be interesting to see what your opinion of peoples complaining about dates and features and design is if you've had experience in the field

I have actually been involved in two Games Design.

Both I worked for Free

one game is free to play the other is a pay game

The free one is called "Necroquest: Deluxe"

My roles in it were twofold.
1. Voice Acting the Villain of the game if you look up the trailer you can see my character drinking coffee at the end and talking in a blooper.
2. Editing Dialogue for all characters.
Unfortunately I have yet to play the one with my own voice in it thanks to a crappy computer.

The Second game I worked on was Enter The Story's The Divine Comedy

My Role in it was to write Descriptions for every character in Hell and Purgatory as my reward {besides a credit that may or may not be there since at the time it was coming out he forgot to add it but since he's added expansions he may have added my name} I got a Cameo in a black and white game as a bit of red and green in the Suicide forest of Hell. So check it out

But anyway thats my contributions to game design and what influences me when I think about other peoples game designs. what is yours?

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