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Get killed (contains spoilers)

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Surely some of you played this episode more than once to see different events of the game. But I guess most of you tried to survive every attack. Therefore you must have missed some ways to die, so here they are.

As you might have noticed, all deaths are shown as a short cinematic sequence. Most of the time, a zombie is nibbling at Lee but some scenes include additional footage like in the kitchen, when Clem reacts via walkie talkie.
I rate the sequences as follows:
- = normal
g = gory kills
m = multiple zombie attack
a = additional footage before or after the kill

Episode 1

Chapter 1: The Woods
- After uncuffing, don't crawl away
- Don't pick up the gun or ammo or don't fire
a Fire into the air to scare cop away

Chapter 2: In the Yard
a Don't wrestle kitchen zombie
a Don't kick kitchen zombie
a Don't kick zombie second time
- Don't wrestle zombie second time
- Don't hit zombie with hammer
- Don't kill zombie with hammer

Chapter 3: Meeting Clementine (day)
m Don't push car away

Chapter 5: Motor In
a Peek over wall too long *
- Peek around RV too long
m Peek over car too long
g Attack zombie from behind wall but don't stab
a Whistle at zombie behind RV but don't stab (don't stab any zombie before whistling)
g Stab zombie behind RV only once
g Kill zombie behind RV but don't wrestle other (don't stab any zombie before whistling)
a Don't kill nor wrestle first zombie in front of door
- Don't kill nor wrestle second zombie in front of door

Chapter 7: Doug or Carley
a Don't run to door
m Don't kick door the third time
a Don't save either one
a Don't save Clementine
a Don't run away after saving Clementine

* My favorite

And in case you did not try this:
Step on blood in the kitchen. This will not cause death.

In case you did not know, it is easy to see these scenes. After you played through the game, just copy the save to another spot. Then load and rewind to the chapter you want to play.

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