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If an upcoming Kickstarter project was a 25th Anniversary remake of Sam and Max...

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...because you know there are people out there who want those games remade, myself included (guilty as charged!)

What would you want in there? Would you want there to be a new voice option (like with the voices from Hit the Road, or the voices from the cartoon series)? A new language option? Would you like the games to be completely redone with 2D graphics as opposed to 3D? Do you want more puzzles, harder puzzles, more items, more dialogue, more whatever?

And how much would you be willing to back if such a project was on Kickstarter?

Feel free to speculate here!

(Yeah, I know there's already a Kickstarter thread on here, but just porting season 1 to iOS is not enough. Besides, I think they're probably doing it already even without Kickstarter.)

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