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TWD: Technical issue: Game freeze (MAC version)

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I dug up around the forum and didn't seem to find a thread related to this specific (or even closely related to) issue.

For the sake of specificity, I'll be describing events leading up to my problem so potential SPOILERS within:

I'm running the game on MAC (meeting the spec requirements).

I've had the game freeze on me 8 times now in the same scene. At the hotel scene, when the girl comes out of the room, the game freezes automatically after the question sequence regarding the gun (When the dialogue option is to give the gun or not).

I've tried every alternative in the dialogue in both dialogue branches of that scene and the game freezes every time the next cutscene starts after the gun "choice".

I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this, I've tried every options, a few multiple times. I've tried lowering the graphics options, nothing's worked so far.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • I'm playing the Mac Steam version. The game froze (every single time) when i select don't give her the gun. SO i had no choice but to give her the gun. On the 2nd run, no freezes with don't give gun option.

  • Oh! That's one thing I forgot to mention. I'm playing the Telltale version (season pass), but thanks for your comment. I'll focus on giving her the gun since it seemed to work for you.

    Hopefully if I give it another shot, it might work...

  • I am having the same problem with the game. Game freezes after refusing to give the gun. Any news about the fix or update? The game is on hold until this is fixed.

    Running with the latest Snow Leopard with updates. Season pass and mid 2010 iMac 27".

    I'll gladly help with error logs or stuff like that.

  • Hey guys, thought I'd drop in with some new info!

    Actually just now booted the game up again and figured I'd try to go in the options right away and get all of the graphics options down to low and off.

    Just take everything down a notch.

    And it worked!

    I was able to get passed that damn freeze on the first try, so I'm pretty happy.

    The best part is, the game still looks damn good!

    FYI, I did all this and left it running on full resolution as well as full screen without a problem.

    If you're still experiencing the problem I'd suggest playing with a smaller resolution as well as playing a windowed version.

    Good luck!

  • No help. My TWD still hangs at the same scene, even if I set the graphic options to lowest possible. Getting a bit annoyed about this. Should have bought the PSN store version, but thought I'd chip in more for the other games :-(

  • Similar issue. New macbook air, less than a month old. In the hotel carpark scene mentioned above. Keeps freezing after moving from place to place. I found that hitting Esc to go to the menu and then going back to the game unfroze it. A kinda solution/bodge to get you past the issue without waiting for a patch.

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