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Oranges and Lemons : The Clementine support group thread

posted by Milosuperspesh on - last edited - Viewed by 9.6K users

Didn't see any others up for her ;)

post anything clem related :)

Firstly make sure she is fed in episode one she may not say anything but others will notice you doing it.

try and save her ! if you don't she constantly reminds you...guilt trip ;)

also if possible find a new walkie talkie for her or if you saved doug try and get him to fix it later on ! (not confirmed if it's possible)

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  • @Milosuperspesh said: qccoa.jpg

    figured if we're going to start making queen clem officially a force to be reckoned with she needs a coat of arms :D

    Shouldn't it be a Peach because you know Georgia?

  • @CapnJay said: Shouldn't it be a Peach because you know Georgia?

    i don't get it lol

  • @Milosuperspesh said: i don't get it lol

    Florida is the Orange state
    Georgia is the Peach state

  • but a clementine is a kind of orange.....

  • @toothiersnow said: but a clementine is a kind of orange.....

    dude i already said that. in another post/thread....but capn wanted a peach ....

  • im just saying Georgia is the Peach State

  • I'm curious, what's all this about oranges and Clem being queen? I've read the whole comic series and obviously played Episode 1, but I don't get it. Someone enlighten me?

  • I'll Give Milo the Honor of Explaining

  • @CapnJay said: I'll Give Milo the Honor of Explaining

    Gee thanks capn ! nice way to shift the blame eh nudge nidge..

    I forget where but in one of our many posts we joked about what will happen in the future and one of them was clem becomes the ruler of the survivors with a queen like mentality and medival style rule.

    back to basics if you will since there would be limited resources no electronics or very few still running as there is no electricity no more batteries (snicker) and all vehicles will have ceased up so assuming there where horses left clem would then have her own 'knights' to help spread her justice and power through the deadlands..

    the oranges and lemons phrase is from a nursery ryhme about the bells of saint clements. (in the uk at least)

    part 1 of the KIQCS doctrine:

    1.0 We pledge our lives will be forfeit should the queen demand it.
    1.1 our lives be forfeit should it be necessary to save our queen.
    1.2 our lives be at our queens mercy should we fail any and all tasks we are set.

    2.0 All packages must be signed in blood with a pinky swear that they are legit.
    2.1 The deliverer will be asked for a code word by Mr flibble.
    2.2 All packages will be checked via smell by a wildebeest.
    2.3 The package will be inspected by our Kop's (knights on probation) after wildebeest
    2.4 Anyone connected with allowing dangerous items to reach our queen are put in the comfy chair.
    2.5 If the queen is harmed, death to all involved by over eating and bashed with wall street journals while on a roof top.

    3.0 Title sir lister of smeg is awarded to those who can beat impossible odds.
    3.1 land to be shared equally if mission is done as part of a team.
    3.1.1 If two of said team are in disagreement, they fight to the death in vindaloo curry. lager is not permitted during said fight.

    4.0The doctor calls once every two full moons please form an ordely cue when the blue box appears.
    4.1 If found a sonic screwdriver is not to be used as a dildo.
    4.1.1 Said tool must be cleaned and returned to the doctor if found.
    4.2 The doctor does not like being asked doctor who ?
    4.3 The tardis IS NOT a portaloo.

    5.0 Energy bars are not to be used as legal tender for sexual favours.
    5.1 Other favours are permitted unless they affect our queen.

    6.0 Soapy frogs are not poisonous but the water they live in WILL BE.
    6.1 Soapy frogs are not classed as pets suitable for children except ducks.
    6.2 Soapy frog prefer to drink fresh chilled budweiser.

    7.0 Quarantine involves decontamination with magners pear cider.
    7.1 Do not swallow the cider.
    7.2 Do not pee freely in decontamination chamber.
    7.3 Don't forget to close your eye or where the beer goggles provided.
    7.4 cleanliness will be checked by a gelf.
    7.5 cake will then be served.

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