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How do I fix this error message dynamic link library fmodex.dll?

posted by goldanthrax on - last edited - Viewed by 3.5K users

I download The Walking Dead game and when I try to open the game it show error like this: the procedure entry point ?setCallback@Channel@FMOD@@QAG?AW4 FMOD_RESULT@@P6G?AW43@PAUFMOD_CHANNEL@@W could not be located in the dynamic link library fmodex.dll.
I already try reinstall the game and fmodex.dll but it still the same.Anyone can really fix this? I really need your help! Thanks!

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    DjNDB Moderator

    TWD comes with the correct fmodex.dll in the install folder, which is Version 4.38.04.
    The error message sounds like it's using a different version for some reason.

    Please uninstall and reinstall TWD, to make sure you have the original files.

    If it still doesn't work afterwards, we can try to find out which fmodex.dll the game loads.
    For that
    - Download and run Dependency Walker.
    - Open the file WalkingDead101.exe in Dependency Walker
    - Click "Ok" if you get an error window
    - In the table with the .dlls, click on the column name "Module" in order to sort the table by dll name
    - Select fmodex.dll in the Module column. Pressing the F key should get you there quickly
    - Press F9 to show the full path of the fmodex.dll
    - Check if the path is the same as your TWD installation directory
    - Scroll right until you see the "File Ver" Column
    - Check if the Version is

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