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Walking Dead Crossover!

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Work has been slow the last few days, and so I have been kinda thinking of the Walking Dead (also about the Dresden Files, but that's a totally different topic). And in my "Will Lee Die at the End" thread a poster mentioned what it might be like if George R.R. Martin was writing the story. You figure you'd have gobs of sex, incest, complete and total brutality towards your favorite characters (Clem, at least, would probably lose a toe minimum). You know that sort of thing.

But what about other crossovers?

What would you see happening if Indiana Jones was in The Walking Dead universe? Or Wolverine?

What about if The Walking Dead existed within the Mortal Kombat universe? Back to the Future...Marty McFly plants his Delorian in the Walking Dead version of Hill Valley...only to see that this very near future (changed by Biff no doubt) has suddenly been horrifically altered to have the Walking Dead.

Lots of fun things to play with here. ^^

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