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Ridley Scott's Prometheus (Alien Prequel) Thread

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Four leaked photos from the set of Ridley Scott's upcoming film Prometheus (aka the prequel to Alien) have been leaked. Observe and worship the following slices of awesomeness...

cave-450x335.jpgA cave of some sort. You may note that the walls have an H.R. Giger (the creator of the Alien creature) vibe to them. Also, please note that the tractor is not a part of a set but rather an asset of the production team.

entrance.jpgMankind discovers an ancient doorway built by the mysterious Space Jockey race (whose skeletal remains were seen in the original Alien). Note the hieroglyphics surrounding the archway.

prometheus_set3.jpgThis is the secondary arch, just beyond the entrance shown in the pervious photo. Note the scale of the set against the chair towards the lower portion of the photo, this set is fucking epic!

prometheus_set_2.jpgWe're now through the second archway and standing in the main chamber. All three of the above photos are displaying one massive, glorious set. You may notice that we're certainly not in Kansas anymore, but inside the genius mind of H.R. Giger. The franchise hasn't looked this close to its source material since Ridley's original '79 masterpiece...

SpaceJockey.jpgThis is the Space Jockey set from the original Alien. It looks rather similar to the leaked photo above, yes?

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  • @St_Eddie said: Ah, that's the trick you see, Potter (sorry - couldn't resist)! It's not intended as a pure horror film. Hence the reason as to why Ridley Scott distanced this project from being a straight up prequel to 'Alien'. 'Prometheus' is it's own thing; a weighty film, riffing on the subject of what it means to be human and faith vs science. I'll concede that the horror elements are somewhat shoehorned in but they're certainly not the focus of the story. They're merely a speck upon the entire canvas.

    'Prometheus' simply takes place within the same universe as 'Alien', it's not intended as a direct continuation of the themes and genre of those films. Think of 'Prometheus' in terms of being it's own thing and you just may come to love it.

    It is its own thing. A piece of junk.

  • I'm going to be watching 'Prometheus' for the fourth time tonight. I just can't get enough! It really does seem to get better overall, with each viewing.

    Also, I've finally completed the script for my 'Prometheus' YouTube review. I'll be recording and posting it within the next couple of days.

  • The plothole writer is an idiot. Yes, there were some, but some of those are easily explainable and others just don't matter.

  • @Johro said: The plothole writer is an idiot. Yes, there were some, but some of those are easily explainable and others just don't matter.

    I momentarily thought you were referring to the person who wrote the screenplay. I momentarily agreed with you.

  • @Johro said: The plothole writer is an idiot. Yes, there were some, but some of those are easily explainable and others just don't matter.

    You're spot on. Let's take a little look at these so called "plot-holes"...

    Dear Mr. Unobservant,

    1. Why is David riding a bicycle and shooting hoops? Is he trying to impress someone? I understand why he’s developing language skills, as he’s researching things as yet undiscovered, but what’s with the sports? He’s a robot!

    Yes, he's a robot. Well done for actually comprehending something in the film! David is alone on board the ship for over 2 years; of course he's going to pass the time. Why is he riding a bike whilst shooting hoops? Because:

    A - It shows the audience that he is a robot, whilst showing how he is, in some ways, superior to humans. His balance and co-ordination are flawless.

    B - One of the films main themes is 'what does it mean to be an artificial person'. Weyland claims that David lacks a soul and yet the android clearly enjoys watching 'Lawrence of Arabia', he is overjoyed when he initiates the Engineer's hologram and he smiles when he hears the Engineer's heartbeat.

    That's the point of the character; what does it mean to be human and can an artificial life-form have desires? There's another Ridley Scott film which deals with these issues; it's called 'Blade Runner' (maybe you've heard of it)! I guess that you were puzzled by that film too. You probably felt confused as to why Roy Batty wants to look into the eye of his creator and ask for more life, instead of just being a good little machine.

    2. When Holloway sees the lines on the planet that prove the alien presence, why does no-one suggest scoping the area out for a while? Even just a little fly around would have been nice.

    Whilst we don't see it on screen, it's perfectly possible that a scan of the planet is performed prior to landing. Ultimately though, they go straight to the pyramid in order to move the plot forward. If this is a plot-hole to you, then I can't imagine that you enjoy many movies at all!

    3. What exactly are the holograms for? David starts one in the caves and another on the Space Jockey deck, but who are they for? They’re useful for him and us, but who made them? They could be some kind of ship’s log, but if so couldn’t someone have said that in one line of dialogue?

    Um, seeming as you already answered your own question (they're clearly a ship's log), why do you need what you already know stated to you through dialogue?! More to the point, why do you think that it's a bad thing that you should have to engage your brain and not be spoon-fed every little detail through horrendous over-exposition?!

    4. When Shaw, Holloway, David and Ford flee the caves, outside there’s two go-karts and a minibus. Two get on each of the karts, and no-one gets into the bus, yet they all drive off (at the time we assume Fifield and Millburn are in there). Who is driving it? You could argue that there’s a nameless crew member that stayed behind as a driver, and headed off to avoid the storm slightly too early for the others to get in, but there’s no proof of this.

    When they get outside of the pyramid, we see that it's only the two karts that remains parked. Milburn says "damn it, they've already gone", they hop on the karts and then you see a shot of them catching up with the large transport, which left moments prior to the team emerging back outside.

    5. Once David has rescued Shaw and Holloway, Janek mentions they don’t know where Fifield and Millburn are, but there’s a map showing their position! He uses it in the next scene. Plus, Janek seems pretty lackadaisical about two members of the crew being stranded on an alien planet. He practically says LOL.

    I'll admit that these events are pretty convenient to the plot. However, Janek states that the signal has been dropping in and out due to the storm. Convenient? Yes. Plot-Hole? No.

    Also, how convenient is it that everyone has a surname beginning with a different letter?

    Seriously? Why shouldn't their last names begin with a different letter? Isn't it more likely that their surnames would be different?! Besides, there were two characters in the caves who had shared the same first letter of their surname; Fifield and Ford.

    I can't remember how the map differentiates the two but I would imagine that Fifield would be represented as 'F' and Ford would appear as 'Fo'.

    6. Why does David cave in to Vickers’ threats? He’s a robot, there’s not a lot she could do to him.

    Once David has refused to tell Vickers what Weyland said; she specifically tells him "so help me God, I will find the cord that makes you run and I will cut it" (i.e. tell me or I'll kill you), at which point David informs her. This just further proves that an artificial person is capable of desire and has a sense of self preservation (ala Bishop in 'Aliens' - "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid").

    7. Millburn the biologist is supposedly cowardly, as he is easily convinced by Fifield to run away at the site of a decapitated body (understandable), and later when he hears there’s a lifeform somewhere nearby, he says he’s heading in the opposite direction. So why, when he and Fifield go to the vase chamber, does he suddenly want to make friends with the alien there? He can’t even see the entire creature, so for all he knows it’s some giant beasty with a strange proboscis. Why did they even decide to stay in the cave full of weird bubbling vases anyway? It’s the exact room, with the dead decapitated body outside of it, that they ran away from earlier.

    This sequence is very contrived, I'll give you that but it was Fifield who got really freaked out and wanted to leave. It was only when he asked, that Milburn decided to join him in going back to the ship. Even then, he took a moment to consider it. He was nowhere near as much of a coward as Fifield (who puts on a big show of being a mean bastard, in order to conceal his fears).

    In relation to the Hammerpede (the serpent creature); how are we first introduced to Milburn in the film? We see him go up to the meanest looking hardass of the group (Fifield) and introduce himself, in an attempt to become friends. How does this relate to his interaction with the Hammerpede? You figure it out, it's pretty fucking obvious!

    Furthermore, don't forget that Milburn is a biologist, he's fascinated by animals and this is a new discovery. Was it reckless for Milburn to reach out to the Hammerpede? Undoubtedly but it's not completely out of character.

    8. Millburn and Fifield die when no-one is watching the monitors, because Vickers and Janek are getting it on in her quarters, right? Firstly, how come Janek didn’t order someone else to watch the monitors, and secondly, even if no-one was there, don’t these guys have TiVo? Just rewind the feed and see what happened. We have it in 2012; I’m guessing it’s still around in 2094.

    Why wasn't anybody ordered to watch the monitors? Because no-one was expecting anything to happen and people fuck up in their jobs all of the time. Particularly a horny man!

    Why didn't they have a recording of the incident with the Hammerpede? Like Janek said, there was on and off interference with the video feed due to the storm. Also, even if they had the footage recorded; why would they check it? They probably tried to contact Milburn and Fifield in the morning, didn't get a response, figured that the signal was weak and so, headed out to the pyramid to pick them up, as per what they'd arranged the previous night.

    9. Why did Janek, the captain and pilot of the ship, go to investigate the disappearance of Millburn and Fifield? Surely he’s pretty integral to the running of the ship.

    I'll give you that one. I thought the same thing myself.

    10. What exactly was David’s plan with the black goo? He gave some to Holloway in his drink; did he know he would have sex with Shaw and impregnate her with an alien? If so, why did he do that too? Was he curious, or trying to kill Holloway? Why?

    He most likely spiked Holloway's drink with the black substance under order of Peter Weyland (via communication whilst he was in cyro-sleep). It's probable that Weyland didn't name a specific crew member to test the black substance on but David seems to have a fascination with Shaw and is jealous of her boyfriend, Holloway. He chose Holloway out of spite; partially because he's jealous and partly because of the way that Holloway treats him ("boy, you're coming with us", "oh, I almost forgot; you're not a real boy").

    I don't think that Holloway getting Shaw pregnant was a part of the initial plan but when Vickers killed Holloway, David knew that it was possible that he could have passed the infection on to Shaw.

    If the above is not a satisfactory explanation then you can always go down the route of what was stated in 'Aliens' by Bishop (in regards to earlier models of synthetics); "they always were a bit twitchy". David holds a certain amount of disdain and resentment towards humanity but he is fascinated by the Engineers and holds a great deal of respect towards them (much like Ash did towards the Xenomorph in 'Alien').

    11. Why did the infected Fifield come back to the ship to try and kill everyone?

    You may as well ask 'why does the Xenomorph kill people in the 'Alien' films?'! As is evidenced by the 'Art of Prometheus' book, Fifield was being transformed into a Xeno type of creature.

    Fifield had his face melted with acid.

    Actually, to be more exact; Fifield had his helmet melted by acid and his face was only partially melted by acid. It was dropping face first into the black substance that "killed" him. The black substance essentially absorbs the DNA of a host and reconfigures to create a Xeno type of creature (hence the worms become the Hammerpedes).

    If Holloway hadn't been torched by Vickers, then he too would have essentially morphed into a Xeno, like Fifled was (Holloways transformation was occurring at a much slower pace because he only ingested a tiny drop of the black substance).

    ...why did they go out and investigate Fifield’s clearly dead body (the helmet is smashed with a deadly atmosphere, and his legs are bent over his shoulders) seeing as there’s no way he could have just turned up there on his own, being dead and all.

    Firstly, the crew had didn't know for sure that Fifield was dead, only that they couldn't locate him in the pyramid. The ship had no outside surveillance to see Xeno-Fifield. Janek saw that Fifield's camera turned back on (looking at the ground) and that his position was right outside of the ship. Of course they opened the garage door seeming as they had no idea of the black substances ability to transform people into killing machines at this stage.

    What would you have them do?!...

    JANEK: Fifield's camera's popped back on. According to his location, he's right outside of the ship.

    CREW: Fuck it! Even though he must be alive and quite probably injured and in need of medical attention, let's just leave him there.

    ... Seriously?! You think that would have made for a better script?!

    12. Why does David tell Shaw she is pregnant? If he wanted an alien specimen, surely telling her will just make her try and abort it, and if he wanted to kill her, then not telling her will result in the alien bursting through her stomach and killing her that way. Being pregnant with a baby alien was probably the last thing she was expecting, especially seeing as she was barren and had only had sex 10 hours ago and not before for 28 months.

    It didn't really matter if David told Shaw that she was pregnant. The plan was to knock her out and put her into cyro-sleep, so that her "baby" could be extracted for research upon returning to Earth. All of this went according to plan, up until Shaw knocked out the two bio-suited crew members and ran away to perform a cesarean.

    David later says to Shaw "I didn't think you had it in you. Sorry poor choice of words. Extraordinary survival instincts, Elizabeth." David was surprised by Shaw's actions and obviously didn't think that telling her that she was pregnant would jeopardise Weyland's plan for the creature inside of her.

    Besides, seeming as the squid was growing at an exponential rate inside of her, it wouldn't have taken Shaw long to realise that something was seriously wrong.

    13. After she wakes up from being sedated by David, Shaw finds it pretty easy to escape from the medics and run to Vickers’ quarters with no-one chasing her. No-one comes for the entire time she is in there.

    Yes. This is something of a plot-hole.

    14. After the impromptu caesarean I could have done with a scene of Shaw breaking down from the intensity of what she’d just gone through. In the past few hours she’d lost her husband, found out she was pregnant when she thought she was barren, discovered the ‘child’ was in fact a killer alien, had a caesarean whilst fully awake and watching it, had the cut literally stapled shut and then fought the creature that had just gestated inside her. I’d say that warrants a little exasperation.

    That scene does occur! After Shaw makes her way from the MedPod, comes across Weyland and they have their chat; there's a moment where she breaks down in tears, in front of the mirror in her quarters. She then finds Holloway's ring left by the sink, which gives her the strength to continue.

    15. Did I miss a scene where everyone on board found out about, and was cool with, Peter Weyland being on board the ship? After Shaw’s surgery the rest of the crew seems OK with him being there. It was pretty damn obvious he was going to be onboard too, seeing Guy Pearce was highly billed in the opening credits. Stop doing that kind of thing. And making Vickers his daughter is pointless, unsurprising and ridiculous.

    What does Guy Pearce's name being on the credits have to do with anything?! It's not like the crew of the ship saw those credits! Stop nit-picking at stupid things. Anyway...

    Peter Weyland was declared dead prior to the launch of the mission. The people in the room with him are people who were already aware of his presence on board the ship (his specially hired mercenaries and David). As for the remainder of the crew, one can assume that they are surprised at Weyland being there but we simply don't see the scene where they find out.

    As for Vickers being Weyland's daughter, what's the problem with that?! Re-watching the film with this knowledge really adds depth to the earlier scenes with Vickers (e.g. her reaction to Weyland's holographic speech near the start of the film). It's called having 'interesting character interaction', for fucks sake!

    16. Ripping David the android’s head off is a nice nod to Ash’s fate in Alien, but is it possible for a robot to survive one of these films? Please?

    David did survive! Pay attention, moron. Also, did you not notice that Shaw takes not only David's head with her, but also his body. Obviously David is going to instruct her on how to reattach his head, so that he can fly the Juggernaut at the end of the film.

    17. When Vickers and Shaw are running from the crashing spaceship, why in the name of LV426 do they not run sideways? I hate when films do this. There’s something rolling behind you in a relatively straight line, so instead of getting out of the way you decide to race it. Insane. Shaw only survives because she trips and rolls out the way. I did like that the last two alive were the two main women, just like in Alien, and similarly the blonde dies and the brunette survives.

    Again, this scene is contrived. However, it's easily explainable by one thing; panic. Shaw and Vickers are running for their lives from a massive crashing ship (seriously, the Juggernaut is HUGE). It's movement is somewhat unpredictable (yes Shaw does roll out of the way - only to have the ship come crashing down the other way, on top of her) and Vickers is only glancing back to see where the ship is very briefly. She's just running for her life in panic.

    I'd like to chuck a fucking great big Juggernaut at you and see how well you do at outrunning it. I bet that you'd panic and get crushed too, fool.

    18. Shaw’s air supply is supposedly running out at the end of the film, yet she’s barely been away from the ship. Earlier, Fifield and Millburn were away for longer, and were expected to survive overnight when they got stranded. Yes, they were in the chambers with breathable atmosphere, but they had to keep their helmets up because it was going to get cold, so they must have had to survive on their own air supplies.

    Shaw's oxygen supply was damaged when the Juggernaut fell on her (you can see the sparks fly from the suit's equipment), this is when she is informed that she only has 2 minutes of oxygen remaining. Learn to pay attention!

    19. The alien that Shaw had aborted grows pretty fucking huge seeing as it’s had no organic matter to feed on other than a little blood Shaw left behind.

    Oh, but the Xeno in 'Alien' growing so big in such a short time didn't bother you? Hypocrite.

    However, if you want an explanation; here it is...

    The squid is located in the medical room of Vicker's life-boat. There would be plenty of supplies for it to consume within that room (seeming as there's enough supplies to maintain life for 2 years).

    Furthermore, we never see what happened to three or so members of the crew (e.g. Ford and the other person who were attempting to place Shaw into hyper-sleep) and yet when Shaw approaches the medical room and sees the tentacle, there's a bunch of blood on the inner walls (which she wasn't responsible for, following her operation). It's implied that a few crew members came across the growing squid and attempted to contain/kill it, only for the squid to kill and devour them!

    20. At the end, Shaw is told that there are other ships. Does she check them all for surviving Engineers, or just leave in the first ship she finds?

    One can assume that they checked the ship before departing for the Engineer's home-world. There's no reason for the film to show us this; it would just be 10 minutes of walking around, followed by "yep, all's clear!". The film already has enough pacing issues as it is!

    I’d have much preferred that the final shot be of her silhouette, with an axe in one hand and David decapitated head in the other, heading off to take out the surviving aliens.

    Good for you. However, you're not Ridley Scott and you can barely comprehend the events of a thought provoking film - so who gives a shit!

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