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[SPOILERS] Definitive list of all choices / remembered dialogue

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Is there a list of all the choices / remembered dialogue anywhere? There are five major choices in episode 1 (which are displayed to you at the end) but there are tonnes of minor ones throughout the game.

If there isn't an existing list someone has / somewhere on the internet, how about we start one? Make a note of any you can remember and I'll update this post every now and then. I played on hard mode so unfortunately I didn't see any of the popups for these choices/remembered things.

Here are some to start us off:

Episode 1

[*]Clementine remembers whether you think you killed Sandra or something else did
[*]You choose to move out with Clementine at day or night
[*]Shawn remembers what you say your connection to Clementine is
[*]You lie or be honest to Hershel
[*]You remember Kenny has a boat
[*]You remember Clementine is in 1st grade
[*]You remember Katjaa is a Veterinarian
[*]Katjaa remembers you lost your university job
[*]Katjaa remembers your optimism
[*]You try to save Duck or Shawn
[*]You side with Kenny or Larry
[*]Kenny remembers you said Shawn's death was/was not your and Kenny's fault
[*]You trust or doubt Carley with your secret
[*]You listen to Carley's radio
[*]You took care of Clementine
[*]You give or withold gun to/from Irene
[*]Clementine remembers whether you honestly told her your past
[*]People remember you gave them energy bars to eat
[*]You save Doug or Carley
[*]You put your trust in Batman or Han Solo

Let's do this!

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