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Indiana Jones thread

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Here you can talk about the video games, movies, the upcoming 5th movie, the ride, the Young Indiana Jones TV series, whether or not Telltale should do a game, or anything about the franchise in general. Let it whip!

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  • @FitzoliverJ said:

    "Indiana Jones and the One Big Huge Jigsaw Puzzle"

    Here's an idea: The Chinese and Indy are going around the world trying to find all the pieces of the cross. When they are united, some supernatural powers are granted to whoever puts it back together. The Chinese try, but God comes down and smites them. It's better than nothing.

  • Here's some good sense advice. Never trust a fangame until it comes out. Or rather, don't trust a fan group until they actually release a game.

  • @MusicallyInspired said: Here's some good sense advice. Never trust a fangame until it comes out. Or rather, don't trust a fan group until they actually release a game.

    Good point. Screw the Fountain of Youth guys.

  • A friend of mine released today on Internet his last Indiana Jones short film. Made with 0 budget, he made it with this amazing results:

    He made it a couple years ago. It showed in New York Comic Con Festival (2009) and won first award on Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival (Washington, 2009)

    Enjoy, spread the word and leave here your comments! ;)

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @MusicallyInspired said: Here's some good sense advice. Never trust a fangame until it comes out. Or rather, don't trust a fan group until they actually release a game.

    Exactly. Trailers can look good, websites, demos, screenshots. And the more you get of the former stuff, the less likely the fan game is to ever come out because its makers concentrate too much on this instead of the actual game.

    Fans are not game developers. Some of them have incredible skills in one area while gruesomely lacking others.* They have day jobs or school, possibly even a life, and not that much time on their hands. Some team members might be reliable, others not - and one unreliable member is enough for cancellation. Most fan projects deal with a dev team in continuous deconstruction. Everyone thinks his ideas are best, so creative differences are another dire hurdle to overcome. The most creative and the most enthusiastic are unfortunately often to the eventual detriment of the whole project, as more ambition means more work for everyone.

    *The German makers of the video I linked to certainly have a LOT of skills, but judging from their website, the written forms of their own mother tongue aren't among them!!

  • Not to mention that fans are shit at planning and tend to over-scope (like think of stuff that will take a few months of full 8-hour work days when in reality they have an hour or two hours per day max... and everything becomes bloated), and because of that everything takes so long that eventually they lose interest and the team starts falling apart and features continue to add up... it's a mess, really. I know what I'm talking about, I've been there. I was a participant of a spectacular failure, but for me personally it was an awesome experience (since I was interested in professional GameDev since I was 9 years old, that fan-project pretty much taught me about every aspect of GameDev that you should NOT do :D )

  • @Noname215 said: Emperor's Tomb vs. Infernal Machine vs. Staff of Kings vs. Last Crusade vs. Fate of Atlantis. Who wins?

    FoA will always win, due to it's nature for me. But Emperor's Tomb was pretty damn good... and heck, I even enjoyed The Infernal Machine back when it was new, despite it's jankiness. Unfortunately, I've never played Staff of Kings... I have to get around to that soon.

    In short, Emperor's Tomb is the best Action-Indy game (that I've tried), and FoA is the best Adventure-Indy game.

  • Yeah, Emperor's Tomb was really good, especially the combat system... like, you could pick up a chair, break it off someone and then continue to beat the hell out of people with just the chair's leg that was left... It just felt like an Indy battle. It's funny how a lot of games with melee combat systems don't have that these days. Even Uncharted, which you'd think would be perfect for this kind of stuff... Yeah, you can kinda use objects in the surroundings, but not to the extent as it was possible in Emperor's Tomb.

  • Hey, happy thousandth post.

    I would have enjoyed Emperor's Tomb a lot more if not for the slightly broken whip-swinging mechanic that meant I died quite frequently during the Drill boss battle and the Chinese level where you swing under the bridge. Otherwise it was all right. Nothing amazing, but it did feel fairly Indy-ish, so can't really complain.

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