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Puzzle Agent 2: Stacks of Flyers puzzle issue

posted by sebag on - last edited - Viewed by 132 users

Basically this is what happens.

I'm playing on 2 profiles. On the first one (Game 1) I went through the puzzles with no issue. Other person is playing on Game 2 and has this issue with puzzle Stacks of Flyers - Basically every time I start this puzzle the numbers on the bottom are incorrect, and whenever I move flyers onto the boxes to the left the numbers on the bottom add up! On the screenshot you can see 81 flyers on the middle - it's not possible. Resetting doesn't change anything. Quiting the game and restarting just made things worse - going back to the puzzle numbers that were added up from previous try are still on, and moving flyers onto boxes adds up even more, now in one box on bottom I have 100+ something flyers...

I'm playing Puzzle Agent 2 on Steam.

How to fix this issue?

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