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Games That Didn't Deserve To Be Forgotten

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I'll start off with a few- you don't have to post pictures or links-

The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy


Dark Savior


Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem


Fragile Dreams - Farewell, Ruins of the Moon


God Hand




Starfox Adventures


Metal Wolf Chaos


The Guardian Legend




Space Harrier


Custom Robo


New Horizons


Space Station Silicon Valley




Rising Zan


The Legend of Oasis


Beyond Oasis


Gunman's Proof


Astro Boy - Omega Factor


Banjo-Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts


Clash at Demonhead


Conker's Bad Fur Day


PK - Out of the Shadows








Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth


Ghost in the Shell


P.N. 03


The Neverhood




Demon's Crest


Sweet Home


Scooby Doo - Mystery!






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  • @Johro said: Here you go coolsome. This game set the bar and I played the shit out of it.


    I just played that. Stone Cold is the women's champion now :D.

  • @coolsome said: [Ocarina of Time]

    Who can forget that?

    It's one of the best action adventure games (if not games in general) ever made.

  • Yeah, pretty much any franchise is off the table here. They never stop...even though they really should(how many lifetimes have Mario, Link, Megaman and Samus lived?).

  • Someone was probably like, "No love for Ocarina...TIME TO INCLUDE BIG FREAKIN IMAGE OF DEATH!"


    I love, love, loved this game back in the day. I played it so much. Thought it was better than Civ 2. They made a sequel, but it wasn't as good.

  • I will get my list of games that shouldn't be will be awhile since its a long list :o

  • And by that time this thread will be forgotten. ;) Just kidding.

  • Here are my games that shouldn’t be forgotten.

    Chrono Trigger- This RPG game to me is the defintion of RPG. It still holds up to this very day on how much of an awesome RPG game it is. Hey Square! Quit milking final fantasy to death and make something outta this will ya???

    Ducktales- Who here remembers this game for the NES? It was gold! This was when most of the video games that were based off of Disney material was made by Capcom. Plus the game had awesome music, do I even need to explain the music? This, and the sequel to Ducktales was awesome. I would love to see a remake of the game by Warren Spector with added things to make the game better.

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day- What happens when you take the clichéd cutesy animal stuff that’s too sweet for anyone to look at and mix it with adult humor inspired by South Park? You get this….This game was the bomb. Arguably in my opinion Rare’s masterpiece. The humor in this game was solid, the music is awesome, and chris seavor should be considered as the modern mel blanc for voicing a lot of the male characters in this game. Also, Mircrosucks. Damn you to hell for canceling the development of Other Bad Fur day.

    The Neverhood- even though I have only played a little bit of the game, I have always adored this game. I have even enjoyed this more than Earthworm Jim, and that’s saying a lot since its from the same guy who created the Earthworm Jim series. I don’t even know where the hell to start with this game. the music, the cartooniness, its just downright awesome. Curse the rise of First Person Shooters to make this go so low in obscurity. Also, Doug tennapel needs to get a ton of dough to get the movie off the ground. Considering that he stated that the movie of The Neverhood got canned only because of finaclial reasons.

    Leisure Suit Larry Love for sail- Seeing how we are getting a new Leisure Suit Larry game from the original designer that is a remake of the first game. I think we might be able to get a few people interested in the original series of Leisure Suit Larry. Seeing how this was the then last game of Larry designed by Al Lowe, it’s a good way to end off the series. I enjoyed the cartoony animation, the jazz music of the game, as well as the humor. Seeing how this was out during the time when FPS games were at a rise, it’s a mystery to me on how something like Love for sail would end up in obscurity due to how good it looks. If the remake of the first game does well enough, I hope it would reconsider in bringing back the development of Lust in Space.

    Um Jammer Lammy- Im seriously surprised nobody even mentioned this game. WAAAAY before we even had Gutiar hero or even Halo, we had Um Jammer Lammy and Parappa the Rapper. This game rocked a whole lot during my childhood. The thing that made both Lammy and Parappa awesome was the music. I only have a few songs from the game on my ipod, but its that good of a soundtrack of a video game.

    World of illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck- One of the best Sega games Ive ever played. I think this one is very underrated for most of the Disney games that were produced at the time. Since this was a sequel to castle of illusion, I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t any references to the castle of illusion in this game. At least the 3DS game of Epic Mickey II will be a follow up to the world of illusion series.

    Billy hatcher and the giant egg- Why do I mention this? Because it’s a game from the makers of Sonic the hedgehog that is doing something creative over milking the hedgehog to death. Billy Hatcher 2 is long overdue sega.

    if I got any more I will post them on here later.

  • It may not be talked about a lot, but I think a large majority of old school gamers remember Duck Tales. That game was extraordinary.

    For posterity: Ducktales, The Moon Epic Remix

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