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Games That Deserve To Be Forgotten

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Back to the Future: The "Game"


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  • @Rather Dashing said: Seconded. Well, with a lot of caveats on the "enjoyed" part. It's well-designed from a puzzle construction standpoint....and that's about it.

    Well, the enjoyment part comes from the humour in the game (there are golden nuggets like Murray and the grave digger), and Dominic Armato's performance as Guybrush. I would argue about the puzzle construction standpoint, but that's because the last time I played CoMI was with the Mega-Monkey mode on, and... honestly, the puzzles they added just don't make any sense, and deprive sense from puzzles that were in there already (it was hard to distinguish what's what, with the exception of things not making sense :p )

  • I didn't say that I want the Portal franchise to be forgotten. I like them both. I just think both games are rather similar in gameplay and mechanics (though the second game has a bit more variety). The fact that Portal 2 has more story and cutscenes doesn't mean you spend less time doing puzzles. That is to say, it isn't like there was a target time to complete the game established during development such that more cutscenes means less gameplay.

    Having more story and cutscenes fleshed the game out more. It didn't detract from the actual gameplay. This is what I don't understand when people complain about lengthy/numerous ingame cutscenes for such as Metal Gear Solid, when it's apparent that the time spent controlling the character would be the same with or without them.

    TTG on the other hand, seems to have in mind an equation where cutscenes + gameplay = time; such that time spent during gameplay and cutscenes are inversely proportional.

  • Diablo games. They're like Farmville, only where you kill stuff instead of raising stuff. I don't have anything against casual games (in fact, I enjoy a lot of them), but Diablo is a mindless clicking loot-fest and I don't see absolutely any appeal to it. What disappoints me the most is that there are so-called Diablo 'clones' that are actually better games than Diablo is, and yet they're not so widely known.

  • @Chyron8472 said:
    You might as well have said the whole franchise should be forgotten, since both games are so similar.

    Absolutely not. If you want to know why maybe check my Portal 2 post in the rate the last game you finished-thread.

  • Someone should close this thread before it gets a little, um, turbulent?

  • How is it turbulent exactly? So far the exchange of opinions has seemed civil.

  • @The Gentleman said: Someone should close this thread before it gets a little, um, turbulent?


    Good thread is good.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @DAISHI said:

    Bold. Bold and wrong!

  • @Jake said: Bold. Bold and wrong!

    Agreed. LCR is my favourite adventure game. But hey opinions.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @der_ketzer said: Agreed. LCR is my favourite adventure game. But hey opinions.

    Well, of course opinions. Everyone likes different stuff. For me personally, MI2 would go about as high on the list of "games which should be remembered forever" as it could go.

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