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Holy &*#*(# Sam Suede is back in development!?!??!

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This took me by surprise, Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe's purposed detective video game Sam Suede has seen the light and is possibly back in development. But big question is, Is Al gonna be part of it?

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  • @StarEye said: I think Al needs to learn how to take ownership of IPs he makes.

    Yeah I thought everyone learned that lesson from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

  • Al, I think, is like a lot of us creative minds.
    Really going through lots and lots of work creating marvellous things, but not that good in the business side of the story.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Now that the SpaceVenture kickstarter is over, I thought a dedicated Sam Suede topic would be good to get the ball rolling on the Sam Suede kickstarter. :)

    And, I saw this topic already existed and fits the current state of Sam Suede, so I thought I'd post in this one rather than making a new topic. And to answer the questions in this thread (although most people probably already know this by now), Al Lowe worked with Ken Wegrzyn on the game design in 2006. And that original design is still present in the game. Al gaves his permission to use his game design and he personally supports the kickstarter project (the highest tier is the Al Lowe edition, which includes dinner with Al Lowe). So, Al Lowe's still involved in it, although he wasn't involved in the game's writing. But, Steve Ince (director of the first three Broken Sword games and creator of So Blonde) is doing the writing for this game, so it's in good hands. :)

  • OMG, now they have some more physical rewards for backers: Invitation in a Bottle and Tiki Bottle Opener, Sam Suede Shot Glass, Adventure Hat, etc. Check them out!

  • Another update:
    We are launching the first of our new Sam Suede incremental goals! When the pledges reach a total of $20,000, we will reveal details of two of the game's important characters.

    Top secret until now, only the core team has been privy to this important information. But now we're ready to share with you.

    Who will these characters be and what do they have to offer to the game and our hero? Stay tuned and help us reach this goal quickly!

  • I don't think timing has that much to do with it. The game just looks unappealing to me. And personally I can count the 3D third person action adventures I've actually liked with the fingers from my one hand.

  • This thing doesn't have a hope in hell of making its target. It won't even make a fifth. This is both hilarious and sad.

  • ...and they've cancelled the Kickstarter. :(

  • Not surprising at all. I really doubt they will be able to finance Sam Suede through Kickstarter, even if they re-do their pitch later on. There just isn't anything special enough with the game and there's better projects than Sam Suede left without money.

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