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Dear TTG, why do you neglect Europe?

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Welcome to the 7845th rage topic about the release and yes I have created an account just to show my rage. Let's not waste time, off to the first strike:

1) Before I get to the Europe issue, there are 2 issues I want to talk about and the first one is the "season pass". When you name it "season pass" it looks cool, like something you buy for the whole season instead of separate episodes, "voluntarily". And what happened here? PC users were forced to buy a season pass to play the game while console users could buy separate episodes.

What if I, as a PC user, didn't like the console ported controls? Or was it your initial fear that your betrayal of the PC users with ported controls would cause a number of people to dislike Episode 1 and stop buying the further episodes? Is that why you forced us to buy a season pass? It certainly looks so. Good thinking, since many people didn't like the controls and if they aren't die hard Walking Dead fans, i doubt they would have paid for the second episode. Good thinking, though, unethical strike one!

2) In a discussion about the early XBLA release of the game, the community couldn't find a single rational explanation to the late PC release, except unethical ones of course. If you had a deal with xbox, then why did the first episode came late? Yes XBLA and PSN has separate update days so it makes sense that one of them will get the game earlier. And there's nothing much to do about it. But what about PC? Steam updates every hour, why do we still get it 2 days later? And yes, if we wait 2 months for the new episode (which is ridiculous btw for 2 hours of content), we have the right to "whine" about it. When we wait so much for a game and XBOX owners play it 2 days earlier and comment on how awesome (or not) it is and throw away spoilers, we can get mad, because there is no ethical and rational reason for the PC delay. Therefore, unethical strike two!

3) Finally, the Europe issue. Why isn't the game released yet? It's almost dinner time in Europe. I have pre-ordered MANY games on Steam and 90% of them were released for Europe at midnight of the release date. Like a minute after June 28th 11:59. Some of them were released at noon, for Europe again. And guess what? They weren't European companies anyway! But they cared enough about the European gamers that they released the game at the beginning of the release day, which I think, is the proper way to do it.

You on the other hand release the game at your own work hours. It would make sense if you had to do it manually, but we both know that it doesn't work that way with Steam. I mean come on, I can upload many videos to YouTube and have them published in different days and times too. Steam does the same for developers and publishers. You're acting like a little indie studio who distribute their games from their own servers, manually, and on a single server so not doing regional releases. But, that is not the case here. So basically, you don't care about European gamers. They can play the game before sleep, if they're lucky enough.

And let's say that it's ethical to ignore Europe and gamers' expectations of a midnight release in the USA too, you still act like a bunch of amateurs. What does "some time during June 29th" mean? You're a professional company! You don't manually release the games, one click of a button and it is released on Steam! Why don't you give us a clear release hour? I'm fairly sorry to say this, but it's true, unethical strike three and you're out!

tl;dr: *snip*

An upset European gamer.

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