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Can I get my money back?

posted by TheWalkingBigeBigz on - last edited - Viewed by 649 users

TellTale, I supported you since the beginning, but things are getting out of hand. I bought the Season Pass on PSN Store the day it came available. When episode came out for Steam, that had problems also, but it was fixed after a few days and the Steam users got something back for it. After waiting roughly 3 months for the next episode to come out, I downloaded it right away. It doesn't work as countless others also share the same problem. I feel like myself and others got almost scammed from this. Pay $20 for SP, get ripped off by having to wait almost 3 months for a second part, and finally get it for it not to even work.

If we can't get our money back, will us SP users be reimbursed with something, or at least get an option to receive our money back, and if not all of it, the money that remains for the episodes not released [For example since Episode 1 is out, instead of getting all $20 back, we get $15 since we played it]. I really feel ripped off by this and would really like my money back if that is a possibility. If not, you definitely lost a customer for whatever games you have coming out "soon" as you call it.

--Pissed off Customer

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