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How to handle Lees past?

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Personally I hope we get an interactive flashback where we discover more about Lee and how he killed the senator. Kind of like. He starts telling the story, we progress through a scene of before the apocalypse. Some sweet little breakfast scene with his wife. After a few dialogues Lee's like "Hey I'm off to work now." He's all suited up and ready to go. After a while as he drives to work he realizes he's left something at home. A portfolio maybe? So he returns home. When we arrive we bear witness to our wife and the senator going at it with a bit of ES EE EX. Nothing to graphic just noises from behind a door. Skip to Lees shocked face, then instantly to his rage face. Then we kill the man with our bare hands. Pressing buttons to do it. In the meanwhile Lees wife has called the police. Lees not running, he's exhausted now. He gets taken into custody before switching back to the survivors to finish off with a recap and a couple of question answers.

How do you want it to play out?

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