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Walking Dead Start/Activation Issue [Merged Thread]

posted by jenniferwhite on - last edited - Viewed by 3.1K users

When I click to play game I get this message: Your telltale account does not have license for this game. Would you like to go to telltale game and purchase this game now. I'VE ALREADY BOUGHT THIS GAME AND HAVE PLAYED IT PREVIOUSLY SO WHAT IS THE DEAL?????????:mad:

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    DjNDB Moderator

    The server seems to be fixed now :)

  • Yep, looks like our IT guy just fixed it. Sorry about that!

  • Still having problems with my TWD game. Though it is taking longer between the click and the "No activation" pop-up.

    EDIT: Nevermind, after a couple of restarts the game prompted me for my account details. Playing it as we speak :)

  • Not working for me - Still getting the "Your telltale account does not currently have a licence for this game" error. Bought when EP1 came out and have played it through already.

    How do I enter my account details to sort this?

  • I think this thread has had two different issues merged together. The issue that people have said is now fixed was a different issue merged into this one.

    One is where the the game couldn't connect to the server to authenticate (which appears to have been fixed now).

    The second (and the start of this topic) is one where the server was connecting anyway, the game had already been validated and played on episode 1, and now its connecting but saying there is no license on the account. (I have this problem too.. can't do anything with it at all and this error still exists.)

    I've sent in a support ticket but had no response yet. Been having similar issues with the sam and max games too and had to validate all of those using the codes.

  • Right so.. after doing a bit more searching there is another thread (smaller thread) where the problem to this longer thread has been given a solution. (Might want to merge that one to this one too?)

    you can find that thread here -

    Basically, start the game with the spacebar held down and put your details in again. It should then connect and authenticate properly.

  • I should add that took a few attempts hold down the spacebar to work - I noticed that the game opened up in a window which lost the focus; once I clicked on the window to get the focus (still holding down the spacebar) it took a lot longer to load, but when it did I was prompted to enter my password after clicking on the "Click to begin" link.

    Thanks again.

  • Strangely, the first part of my message disappeared - I was thanking Fathom for pointing out the thread; I experienced the same problem this morning when I attempted to run TWD to download Episode 2.

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