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[WD] (PC) Episode 2 "Coming Soon" STILL

posted by Gudmoore on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

The Walking Dead - PC - Telltale Games Version

I've tried...

Deleting old TWD install's registry entries.
Restarting the computer with a selective start-up.
Launching from explorer.exe.
Launching as admin.
Launching in compatibility mode.

Nothing. Nada.

Episode 2 is still "Coming Soon". What else can I do to open it up?

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    Gudmoore BANNED

    Well after just playing around with the setup, I reinstalled it again and removed all Telltale's old registry entries. Only this time I changed the installation directory to the 'C:/Users/Public/Games' folder.

    After this the download option for episode 2 became available.

    So for others who are running into this problem, you can try this and maybe it will yield the same results.

    Uninstall TWD.
    Remove Telltale's old registry entries.
    Reinstall in 'C:/Users/Public/Games'.

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