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***SPOILERS*** Leading up to the Two Brothers - wow.

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So The Walking Dead is the first game in a long while that has actually got me emotionally attached to the characters. So all of the stuff happening at the Dairy Farm was amazing. But the Two Brothers has taken the biscuit on the most emotionally charged choice for me.

The choice with Danny was simple to me. I felt anger and so plunged that rake into him with no regret. Then with Brenda when I realized that Mark (I believe) was upstairs as a zombie I laughed manically as I slowly forced her upstairs.

But the most amazing bit was the fight with Andy. I wailed on him when on top of him. I literally punched the s*** out of him out of sheer anger because of what had happened. However when the choice came to kill him, I decided to show some restraint. When Andy was kneeling in the mud shouting 'Lee' that tore my heart out. I actually felt bad that I was leaving him, after telling him I had killed his family. Also leaving him to the walkers that were coming. I could have cried, I felt so guilty for leaving him alive.

*clap* *clap* Telltale. This is one amazing game. Job well done :D. Felt that needed to be shared.

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  • At first I killed Andy out of mercy. The guy was done for, shattered, and even though he did deserve a painful death I couldn't stop but feel pity for him.

    It's a shame that the game didn't acknowledge this and took it for granted that I killed him out of anger. So I went back and let him live.
    But the whole scene was pretty well done, I agree.

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