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impossible struggle.Cant kill the zombie in the truck (spoiler)

posted by bl00dzee on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

I am replaying the walking dead and I can't kill the zombie in the truck. I have two saved games, one with my actual decisions and another with crazy decisions where I fo almost the opposite of my actual decisions. I didn't chop off the guys leg so mark shot the guy and we brought him back. Also Doug is alive. And i gave the axe to larry. Then when the zombie attacks me i can't beat him. He kills me every time. Am i doing something wrong? I shove him, Larry misses with the axe, then Doug hits him with a plank but it doesnt do anything, then i shove him and push him and i fall off the truck. Then i have to push X until it reaches the center, and i do but he still kills me. I've tried like 10 times but I can't kill him he always kills me. Is it a bug or something?

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