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Why can't I buy The Walking Dead on the Brazilian version of Xbox Live?

posted by Luizao876 on - last edited - Viewed by 877 users

I am a Walking Dead fan, and I am new to the Telltale games, I heard of them before, but never played their games until The Walking Dead.

So, when Episode 1 was around, I wanted to play the game, and I decided to torrent it (Since my dad didn't allow me to buy stuff because of bad grades, and yes, I am a minor). I played and I loved it, and then I waited for Episode 2 to come around.

When Episode 2 came, I knew that I coudn't be able to get the episode because I was playing a torrented version, so since it is my school vacation, I asked my dad to buy MS points for my Xbox so I can buy the Xbox version.

I use a American account for my Xbox Live, but I decided to use a Brazilian account.

I went to the shop to buy the MS Points, along with a Gold Membership, and I put the codes on. I received everything, but when I go to where The Walking Dead is on the Marketplace, there's only trailers and stuff, and neither Episode 1 or 2, and when I go to my American account, there's everything there, but I can't use the MS points because it was a Brazillian code.

What do I do? There's no release date to the Brazilian Xbox Live?

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