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That PC Version

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Is it me or has the PC version been kinda marginalised? At least 3 people I've spoken to (plus many more I've seen online) have said things like 'Yeah, but I don't have a Wii' and after all, the only evidence of the PC version is an afterthought at the end of the press release and a small visual gag during one of the adverts. Some websites aren't even reporting the PC version.

I'm sure Nintendo would like it if people bought a Wii under the mistaken impression that it was the only way to play this game, but I'm getting a little bored of posting messages saying 'It's a PC game, too!' Especially as (I imagine) there are more PC owners in the core audience than Wii owners.

Also - and I'm sure this isn't the case - it kinda gives the impression that the PC version is just a quick and dirty afterthought port without much thought going into it. Perhaps the balance will be restored a bit once we have a date for the PC version?

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