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Save file question

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I was just wondering: with the limited storage capacity, will there be the ability to have multiple save files, or will it just load the same file every time?

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  • @Juhsayngul said: I'd expect WiiWare games to create separate save files on the Wii flash like any disc game or Virtual Console title, so having multiple save slots shouldn't be a problem.

    Yeah, but don't we have to download the game onto that space, too?

    How is there going to be enough room for stuff if you have all this virtual console junk on there, then you download episodes of WiiWare-

    Where does it all GO? The Wii does not have a whole lot of memory in it. What I want to know is if that storage limitation is going to affect game quality?

  • They talk about that issue a bit over here:

    You might have to delete some of your virtual console stuff to make room, but that's not their problem now is it? :p I've run out of space a couple times already from VC games alone...

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    NickTTG Telltale Staff

    @Juhsayngul said:
    By the way, I'm new as well. I came for the Strong Bad, staying for the everything.

    Welcome!! Its cool to see so many new faces here. Stay awhile and listen

  • @Juhsayngul said: Mostly I'm lurking. Mostly.

    Yes, me too...

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Right now I think there are four save slots per episode, but that's absolutely not set in stone.

  • Save slots, eh?
    If you can, please put no limit to the amount of save slots.
    We're no longer using memory cards, and the save file manager is easily accessible this time around.
    Why not let us keep as many saves as we can store?

    You have no idea how much work it is to switch around save files in Zelda when you want to keep more than 3 saves.
    The Wii won't let you keep multiple save files of the same kind on neither the Wii nor the SD card, so you need to juggle a lot (wii-sd-pc) to avoid overwriting.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Zelda is a significantly longer game than an episode of SBCG4AP. Anyway, as I said, that's just how it's playing out in a Photoshop mockup on my computer right now :) As we start playtesting the game, we'll see how often people feel they need/want to save over the course of an episode. When playing a Sam & Max episode, I usually only have one or two incedental saves throughout the game, from when I'm at a part I like. Other than that, all of my copies of the game have the Autosave slot, as well as my main game progress. That's only two to four saves... it's not like Zelda, or like Day of the Tentacle or something, where you feel the need to back up your game in 80 spots or keep bookmarks of your progress as you go. Anyway, we'll see!

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    Nintendo mandates that each game can use only 16MB of memory regardless of how much storage you have, so we can't make it unlimited, but we'll make it as painless as possible!

  • Unfortunately, our save files are 24mb, so we can only save 2/3 of your progress.

    (a joke)

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