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Localization of Episode 2 (PS3 - Europe)

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What are they talking about???

No other language than ENGLISH can be chosed in this game. Not even for subtitles or menues...
(Actually after BACK TO THE FUTURE I was sure that every telltalte-game would offer different languages. But this came out late too in GERMANY, even so the US-Version already included at least the GERMAN language...)
And the Xbox-Europe-Version and PC-Europe-Version are already out!
So what are they trying to tell us? There is no localization AT ALL in this game!

Actually I can live with the very good ENGLISH sync. But I don't get why it's taken so long to get it out in Europe. They could handle it in the past with the Episode 1. So what's so different right now. And what's so different between the PS3 and the Xbox/PC-european-versions of the game?

And I wonder why there's still no option for inverting the y-axis. It can't be that hard to include it with a patch.
(Reminds me of "beyond good and evil"... which I had to stop playing...)


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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    There is no difference other than which agency certified the game (the North American groups certified the game very quickly, while the European groups took longer before authorizing it for release). The game has never been in any language but English, including the first episode, and I don't think it has ever been announced otherwise.

  • Thank you. So it's up to Sony of Europe?

    Any idea when ther will be an invert-option for the y-axis... finallly?


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