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Affecting Clementine

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Due to Clem-Clem echoing what you say in Hershel's Barn in the St. Johns' Barn, it's becoming clear that the choices you make with her matter. As such, I'd like to know how others are raising her compared to me.

I try to be honest and direct with her, reasoning instead of pandering, and I'm making my choices in the mindset of making her a survivor... As Lee, you've basically become her adoptive parent, and I believe a parents job is to prepare their child for the world. And preparing a child for this world means making some tough calls, most of them I've been willing to make.
But I'm never Cold, I told her I'd find her hat and I make sure she stays fed and I fixed the swing just for her. But still, I eliminated outside threats like Jolene and the Saint Johns, I stole from the car, I tried to save Larry since he was one of our own, etc, etc, etc.

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