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Rate The Last Movie(s) You Watched

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Same as the Rate the Last Game You Finished topic but with movies. There should be more film talk around here. So, I'll start off with the movies I've seen in the past few days.

Law-Abiding Citizen - 5.5/11

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - 7/11

Sword of the Stranger - 9/11

Blade Runner: Final Cut - 11/11

Blade Runner is one of those films I want to love but also want to hate.

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  • Brave

    Just got back from seeing this. I'd like to see it again to let it sink in more, but here's my impression of it. Good movie, lovable characters, and of course, great animation. The story is basic Disney princess fare, but Merida is definitely more pro-active than, say, Aurora. The voice acting was fantastic and the music was very evocative of the setting. All in all, not the best Pixar movie, but enjoyable nonetheless. 8/10

  • I just saw Brave as well and I liked it far more than I thought I would. The music was excellent, all of the characters were good and the whole mother-daughter relationship really struck a chord with me. Seriously, I was almost crying in the theater. Haven't had a movie affect me like that since the first eight minutes of Up, and before that, Land Before Time. I doubt that most people would be affected as I was, but even without that it was still a great ride.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    I loved it mostly because my friends and I had the theater all to ourselves and we were able to laugh through it without any worries. Don't take it seriously and it's great.

  • GZiYK.jpg

    This movie couldn't really be called "good" while maintaining anything approaching intellectual honesty, but I'm not sure it could be called "bad" either. This is a film with a major identity crisis, which it seems to personify in the form of Peter himself. The movie isn't sure if it wants to be a Twilight-style romance film, a Batman Begins rip-off, or an actual stab at another Spider-Man flick. In the same way, the movie isn't quite sure if Peter is a sexy loner, a science dweeb, or a nice kid who gets frustrated easily. While it would be possible to make Peter all of these things, the film doesn't really try. Rather than having a distinct, singular personality, he seems to flip randomly between them from scene to scene, without ever retaining anything from the others when doing so.

    Sometimes, Peter Parker rides a skateboard. Sometimes he's talking science jargon. Sometimes he's dorky around girls. Sometimes, he's uncomfortably forceful. Like, really uncomfortably. Like, there is a sequence where Gwen says "No" and he says "Yes" and this same exchange goes on over and over for five minutes and it's extremely uncomfortable to watch. Sometimes Peter is a nice kid. Sometimes he's a sexy outsider. There is no singular Peter, there are two or three characters named "Peter Parker" who share the same narrative thread and look exactly alike, but there is no cohesion or connection between these characters.

    Spider-Man, on the other hand, has an identity. In a better film, they could have made a point out of this, but in this one they don't bother. Spider-Man feels a lot more like Spider-Man here than he ever did in the Raimi films. The costume is dumb, but the character talks and moves the way you'd expect Spider-Man to, and this works.

    That is among the things the film does well. I liked the way they handled Uncle Ben's arc in this film, I liked the way Flash Thompson was actually given a tiny bit of depth as a character, I like the way Gwen Stacy was given a lot more to do and a lot more characterization than Mary Jane was ever given in the Raimi films.

    But the film is held back by its confused identity, its adherence to a lot of superhero origin story cliches(we get the "haha he's super strong and can't control his powers" sequence, *again*), and its villain. The Lizard is never made likable or believable, he looks dumb the vast majority of the time, and his motivation is poorly set up and self-contradicting. His dialog is at war with itself over WHY he dos what he does and what he really wants in the end.

    And really, that's what hurts this film most. We're looking at a movie that has no idea what it is or why it's there, other than to try and fill as many niches as possible and rake up as much disparate sources of cash as it can because, hey, Sony has a legal obligation to make another one of these lest it lose the rights to the character. It's not without merit, but I'd hardly recommend it either.

  • Titanic 3.6/10

    Don’t give me any shit about this. I can have my own opinions, and that is preciously what I think the so-called “tearjerker” is: a stupid forbidden love story that has been shown a large number of times, that just happens to be set on the Titanic. James Cameron, although your historical accuracy was great, your dialogue/directing skills are shit.

    Leo DiCaprio was alright. Kate Winslet gave it her all. But James Cameron is the one who I really think fucked this movie up.

  • Face/Off - Two thumbs up - 80%

    M - Two thumbs up - 100%

  • @Noname215 said: James Cameron, although your historical accuracy was great, your dialogue/directing skills are shit.

    That's what I always say but people still love Aliens and cannot understand why I despise it.

  • @Noname215 said: Titanic 3.6/10

    Wow...that's harsh. Not a big fan of the movie either but I'll give it at least 6/10.

  • @der_ketzer said: That's what I always say but people still love Aliens and cannot understand why I despise it.

    Game over, man! Game over!

  • I didn’t like Avatar, The Abyss or True Lies either. But Terminator and Aliens were alright.

    If I want to see a science fiction movie, I always prefer John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, and Steven Spielberg.

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