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Siege of Spinner Cay: Cursed! (Arranged Music Album)

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After about 2 years of hiding I'm getting back to doing TOMI mixes. I just finished Siege of Spinner Cay: Cursed! It contains arranged songs from the game meant to sound Like COMI. It took about 3 months but now I'm satisfied with it. Hope you all like it!


Here is the Youtube Playlist.

Here is the album .rar file if you'd like to download it.

Tracks include:

1. Swordfighting
2. Spinner at Dusk
3. Rafting
4. Spoon Beach
5. Hardtack and Trenchfoot
6. Spoon Isle Jungle
7. Little Islands
8. McGillicutty
9. Roe Island
10. The Siege of Spinner Cay

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