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Is it just me or. . .

posted by EMAN528 on - last edited - Viewed by 784 users

Is this new version kinda soft focused (if not blurry) compared to the last version? I opened the two up side by side and the difference is pretty noticeable. And why is it if I take it off of full screen so the graphics look decent it opens into such a small window? Is there some secret resolution setting somewhere because it seems like the game is set for a much lower resolution than version 2.0 was.

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    Just checking in that I'll be on the problem tomorrow. The fix will be a new prefs.prop that we need to provide to you. Sadly there isn't any other workaround I can give you in the meantime.

    I'll be posting in the post with the full details when we get the patch released.

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    :D Good news! :D

    We have the fix and it's now released! You have two options to fix it up.

    Option A) Uninstall and Reinstall Poker

    You can also uninstall your existing installation (remembering to remove all saved preferences), download Poker again, and reinstall Telltale Texas Hold'em.

    This makes for a new version number of poker: The only fix being a prefs prop that sets the resolution to 800x600.

    Option B) Replace your prefs.prop with a new one.

    Download the attached ZIP file and replace your existing prefs.prop with your choice of either 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions. You will need to rename the file to "prefs.prop" and overwrite your existing prefs.prop.

  • It looks so much better now. Thanks for the quick response!

  • Still seems to be in 640x480 for me.

    Unless there's leftover preferences files hiding somewhere that I forgot to delete.

  • Try just replacing the prefs.prop file with the one in the link above. Or when you uninstall, say no when it asks if you want your settings and preferences saved.

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    What EMAN528 said. :)

    When you install on top of an existing installation, our installer doesn't overwrite a pre-existing prefs.prop. We figured you'd want your settings saved, so we don't touch it if it already exists. Hold'em is a unique case because it's the only game without resolution settings.

  • I did a clean uninstall and reinstall, and I definitely told it to delete existing preferences. I then checked to make sure the folder in Program Files had disappeared. I then reinstalled and it's still 640x480.

    I'm running Vista if this matters at all (I believe it does some funny things with where programs store their preferences)

    Edit: Even replacing the prefs.prop file in the gamedata directory doesn't seem to work. I suspect there is another one somewhere else that is somehow overriding it, but I can't seem to find it.

    Edit 2: Yes, the is indeed another one overriding it, sitting in my AppData\Local\VirtualStore directory. I deleted that and all seems to work fine now. Stupid Vista and its unintuitive methods of shoehorning security into Windows.

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    Yup, that would do it on Vista.

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