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Episode 3. Whatever they do next...

posted by Ansin on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

... please please don't let it be a farm AGAIN.

What is it with Walking Dead and Farms? (Granted, a farm makes sense during a zombie apocalypse.)
In the comic book they went to Hershel's farm. Then in the TV series they went to Hershel's farm. Then in the game they went to Hershel's farm. And then, after eternally waiting for episode two it turns out they go... *drumroll* to a farm.

ENOUGH FARMS ALREADY! I'll take anything - a prison, a theme park, a bunker, a cruiseship, a train, whatever it takes, just don't let them ever go anywhere near a farm again please!

I love The Walking Dead, but I'm seriously farmed out! Is it just me?

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