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Do you think Kenny and Lee will live.. or die?

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I don't think about Kenny, he could technically be a secondary protagonist... The only thing I have against their family is Duck.

Lee is the main protagonist, so I dont think he will die, and Lee is like the perfect protagonist, a murderer who is basically taken a little girl because of her parents apparent death.

So ya, do you think they will make it to the end of Episode 5 or on a darker note, will them, along with anyone still in the group die, then the game ends?

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  • @Dildor said: Thanks for that.............

    On to my opinion now that I've enjoyed Demopan's spoilers. I think there's a good chance of having to choose between CarleyDoug or Katjaa and or duck. It would be a tough choice to keep Kenny's loyalty, or save your friend. I definitly think they are going to keep Kenny in the game until the very end, and then either let him live or even make Lee kill him off for whatever reason.

    I think Lee will probably survive to go on to the next season with Clem. A lot of you seem to think Clem is going to die if you don't raise her to be a survivalist, but I think we will see our interactions with her play out in different, less narrative altering ways. If TTG is up to that, or just planning on starting with completely new characters next season I welcome either way!

    They said they'd make a second season, but I don't think they said anything about it concerning the same people.

  • Yeah I know! But tell tale tends to like their characters a lot, so I figured it's not out of the question for Lee to be the lead for next season. That said, it's the walking dead so anything goes.

  • You Start Season two and an creepy old man asks Are you a Boy or a Girl?

    Boys play as Doug

    Girls play as Carley

  • @CapnJay said: You Start Season two and an creepy old man asks Are you a Boy or a Girl?

    Boys play as Doug

    Girls play as Carley

    If you call Liam Neeson a "creepy old man" ONE MORE TIME! James was more of a father to me than my REAL FATHER! *Runs away Crying*

  • @ozzmann said: I think Kenny will die at some point in the series. Even though he has been a big part of the story so far, I still see him as a "flat" character who is expendable.:D

    Not before he loses Duck though.

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    I think lee will live and Kenny dies in the second season.

  • Kenny needs to die ASAP

    And who cares about the second season. Is telltale making it? Cause if they are, who knows when that damn game will come out? They can't even get a episode out when they say they will, cant even run a contest when they say they will, hell they don't even know what characters are gonna be in the game they are making.

    Shooot, they need to focus on some work ethic, bloody California hippies.

  • Lee and Clem are the Rick and Carl of the video game world, so although they may lose body parts I think they will survive, at least up to the last 5 minutes of episode 5 where its anything goes.

  • Considering Lilly was in the walking dead comic which is like in the Rick season probably, she won't die, but maybe Kenny will but who knows anything could happen.

  • I really think that Lee's going to die in the end of this season. In a ultimate choice like " Save your ass or save Clem". And Save Clem it's probaly going to be cannonic. About Kenny, I don't know... He might die trying to protect his family in a noble act ( And then, the forum will be full of people saying that respects him or something, even after he being an ass with some of 'em).

    But, who know? Telltale might surprise everyone.

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