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The Olympics 2012 Thread

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“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

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  • @corruptbiggins said: Loved the opening ceremony, tired now though. Off to bed and tomorrow/today I'll watch sport. And sport. And more sport. Nice of the BBC to create 24 new channels to watch all the sport all the time on.

    Oh before I go, my two favourite bits: the forged Olympic rings rising then cooling in the air and the cauldron. Simply wow.

    The music during the whole industrial revolution scene was really impressive. I thought that was just amazing, and a fantastic idea. I loved the skits with Rowan Atkinson and also the bit with the queen (Mostly because My mother said "That's an actress. It doesn't even look like her" just as she started to turn around to greet Mr. bond.)

    I hate sport though, so I won't be watching the actual events.

  • Britons are cheering Canadians. ...They know we're not a part of the monarchy anymore, right? Could be a lesser of two evils deal. We're a country they're not familiar with competitively as we're best at different sports....and we're not America. It's just weird, people waving the Union flag, chanting Canada.

  • We're supporting you because you're awesome. Now hush.

  • @Johro said: Britons are cheering Canadians. ...They know we're not a part of the monarchy anymore, right?

    Well, the official website of the Canadian government lists a Governor-General and a Prime Minister, that sounds kinda monarchial. On the other hand, it also lists the War of 1812 under "Priorities"!

  • Well we ARE a federation, which can be a monarchy. I guess it really comes down to how much power your leader has. Yes, we do have a Governor General(A Canadian representative to Britain who really doesn't seem to do anything from my perspective) and we do maintain ties to Britain, but yet it is easier for us to throw our leader out of office or vote down a position he supports than the States(more likely anyway, while we have our own version of "Congress", they are less likely to support their own party and more likely to support what they and their voters want. As I mentioned previously, party members vote against their leaders all the time if they disagree). If our leader makes a couple fucked up decisions, they do a vote of no confidence(it's happened before) and if most of the combined party members agree, he's toast, gone, dog meat, bye bye. So really our leader doesn't have a whole lot of free rein.

    So... We're closer to Britain... But less of a monarchy than most democratic countries in this regard.

  • Instead of the Olympics we should have had The Hunger Games.

  • Hard Target. Just with less Van Damme.

  • Today is an epic day at the Olympics. I'm recording all the action and watching some via my iPad at the gym. Soccer, beach volleyball, and basketball are all going on today. Should be sweeeeet.

  • Is it me or are the Americans always moaning about something? First they said we weren't ready. Then our opening ceremony wasn't good enough for them, so they cut out the memorial to have a celebrity interview. The they moan about security. And now they can't accept that the Chinese have a really good swimmer, so ruin his moment of triumph by calling him a drug user. It's beginning to irk me now actually. We get it, you're still annoyed that we got it instead of New York. Get over it, and just enjoy them!

    The games so far have been fantastic. And that's coming from a non-sports fan. It's great to be able to flick on the TV and see such a variety of events happening, in locations I recognise. This is the first one I've been able to watch for one reason or another. I think the Archery or the weightlifting are my favourite events. Fencing could be interesting if I had any idea how it worked! I tried watching it, but the points seeemed to be going to the person who was being hit rather than the attacker, which seemed odd.

    Personally, I'm root in for the Koreans or the Germans. They seem to be great sportsmen/women. They don't rub victory in your face.

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