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Walking Dead Episode "coming soon" problems

posted by PinkGamer on - last edited - Viewed by 178 users

I downloaded The Walking Dead and I played episode 1. I clicked the arrow to continue to episode 2 but under it, it says coming soon. Now I can't download it.

What do I do?

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  • what format are you on ?

    if it's pc you may need to select keep this game updated.

    if it's xbox ps3 you may only have bought episode 1 and thus need to buy the other episodes separately

  • On the PS3 I had to downloaded episode 2 (for free) from the EU playstation store. A bit inconvenient considering I expected the game to self update. But at least I have it all in one game. (BttF is like 5 files in a random order.)

    You can find the episodes in a walking dead game section/folder.

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