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How will the story eventually end

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How do you think the story will turn out. This is what i want and hope it will turn out.

Episode 3

I think episode 3 won't have alot of action and just be group discussions for the full episode.

Kenny and Lilly get into a massive fight resulting in the group disbanding meaning Lee,Clem,Carley or Doug,Lilly going one way and Kenny and family plus ben take the midnight train out of georgia.

Epsidoe 4

Episode 4 judging by the picture might mean Lee's group are in an underground sewer in Atlanta maybe meeting up with glen and friends

Possibly either Carley or Lilly dying

Episode 5

Lee,Clem,Lilly or Carley go either to Savannah or Clem's house, where Lee will save Clem from a walker attack but get bit himself resulting in Carley or Lilly taking Clem and get on a boat ( Maybe Kenny's ) to savannah and the last cut scene will be of Lee dying or walking away from a crying Clem.

I think Lee will die if telltale make a series two just so they can have a fresh story to work with.

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