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Does Clem Influence Your Moral Decisions?

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As Lilly was crying over Larry, screaming for help, Kenny was reasoning why we should kill Larry, I looked at Lilly and felt a deep sympathy for her. But I knew Kenny was right.

Being trapped in a room with a 6'4", 300 pound walker was too life threatening to ignore. Larry had to be stopped before he turned.

I just couldn't let Larry rise, as bad as I felt for Lilly. It was a gut wrenching decision but I did what I thought was right.

I tried to help Lilly revive Larry.

As much as my mind was telling me to help Kenny destroy Larry's brain, I didn't want Clem to grow up seeing how low humanity had come. I wanted her to know that there were still morals and hope, even in despair and desperation.

If Clem wasn't present, and I wasn't in charge of her, I'm not sure I would have made the same decision.

What about you? Does Clem influence your gameplay?

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