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The Big ScummVM and ResidualVM Thread

posted by Jennifer on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users

There's been quite a few threads about specific games in ScummVM and ResidualVM, but never one all-encompassing thread, so I figured I'd make one since ScummVM and ResidualVM are ever-evolving. :)

I'm a huge fan of the 2D adventure game program ScummVM and it's sister project for 3D adventures, ResidualVM (and the sister project ScummVM-Misc which includes an engine for text adventures made with Inform) by extension. So much so that I actually prefer to play adventure games through these programs. :)

I enjoy testing out engines as they're WIP, and there's often some times when the engines play straight through to completion long before they're added to a stable release. I'm playing through Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers in ScummVM right now, and it works really well despite being WIP, and I played through Grim Fandango in ResidualVM before it received a stable release.

I've played ScummVM on Windows, Mac, Linux, BeOS, GP32, Dreamcast, Wii, and iPad and ResidualVM on Windows, Mac, and Linux. :D

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Somaen's Wintermute engine for ScummVM for the Google Summer of Code is coming along nicely. :)

    I just played through Rosemary with it, and it looked and played great (with the exception of the final scene and credits which didn't yet play due to a script runtime error). Here's a screenshot of Rosemary in ScummVM (compiled and played in Linux):


    It's amazing that it's come so far so fast. It also already has features from the full Wintermute that the Wintermute Lite engine does not (video playback and sprite mirroring and rotation). :)

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    Jennifer Moderator

    The wintermute engine has come even farther now. I was able to get the Wintermute engine in ScummVM to compile in Windows (which I wasn't able to do last time I tested it, so I booted into Linux to test). (Update: It's available in the main tree now, so just download a daily build from

    The author of the Wintermute engine in ScummVM completed these five Wintermute games, so they should work with it: Dirty Split, The White Chamber, Chivalry is NOT dead, Rosemary, and Pigeons in the Park. I only played Dirty Split and Rosemary so far, but they both worked fine for me (although the videos are very slow, which is a problem that was inherited from the ogg video player used in ScummVM's Broken Sword 2.5 engine).

  • @Jennifer said: It also already has features from the full Wintermute that the Wintermute Lite engine does not (video playback and sprite mirroring and rotation). :)

    Not entirely true, I still haven't fixed rotation.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    ResidualVM is now considered stable and fully supports Grim Fandango. :) The first stable release, 0.1.0, is available in builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    There's also been a lot of progress in the unstable developments builds. Myst III is completeable (with glitches and some missing features), and Escape from Monkey Island is now playable up to Lucre Island (and the Escape from Monkey Island demo is completable now). :)

  • Killer news! Downloading the new version now!!

  • I see they've given up on Journeyman 3 support, just as well since I've been done with that for a while, but still. But it's still good to see it finally making progress!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    ResidualVM 0.1.1 "Lumbago Lemonade" is out now.

    Although this is just a bugfix release, it's a big one. There's over 40 gameplay fixes for Grim Fandango, including fixes for 14 bugs that were present in LucasArts' original 1998 release. :)

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I just noticed johndoe123 made a pull request with an engine for Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity, which is said to be fully completable. I played this game a lot during my childhood, and playing it is still a guilty pleasure (Beavis and Butt-head grate on me a bit now that I'm older, but it's still a fun adventure).

    EDIT: It's now in the trunk, so you can try it out with the latest daily builds.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    A programmer named Tobias Pfaff has released Grim Mouse, a modified ResidualVM and Grim Fandango so that the game can be played completely with point and click mouse control.

    Grim Fandango can now be played with point and click control in all scenes, including the scenes where the camera shifts to close-up view. It also has a new point-and-click inventory system. In order to accomplish this feat, Tobias had to make major modifications to both the ResidualVM code and the game source. Luckily, ResidualVM's PatchR code allows for fan patches to be applied at run time, so all that is required to run this is the original game, just as the main ResidualVM branch.

    Tobias has released a Mac and Windows build of Grim Mouse, and the sourcecode is freely available if you want to compile it to try it on other platforms. It is currently in early alpha phase, so there are likely to be bugs present since it hasn't been fully tested yet. If you want to participate in the testing, or just want to try it out for yourself, head over to the Grim Mouse thread on the ResidualVM forums.

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