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The boy just ain't right :) What's he going to do next?

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I would never treat a real life child this way but since it's a game it's different.

Does anyone else out there find it hilarious that Duck is so stupid? I want to like the kid but I'm just having such a hard time. The writers can't get rid of him Duck is single handed the comic relief in the video game.

I have to wonder who the creators of the game based his character on in real life. They seem to just have it out for the poor kid.

At the beginning his own father (Kenny) freely admits that his off spring is such a block head not even the end of world phases him. "He makes up for it in enthusiasm" that's like saying in the bathroom Duck sometimes points up at his face instead of down at the urinal cake...!

After that Duck causes his first kill and is not even noticeably sad.... He decides to start up the tractor he was playing on and run over poor Shawn I swear he was smiling at one point.

The apple does not fall far from the tree since Kenny can't even tell Herschel that he's sorry his son Duck ran over Shawn with the tractor.

I can't believe on the Farm that the game writers did not have Duck peeing on the electric fence. What a missd opportunity. All I can say is thank goodness Duck was not with Mark and Lee during the tractor scene with the arrows. Duck might have decided to run over Lee and Mark then drive the tractor in to a ditch.

Moving along Duck proves he has ADHD at the dinner table when despite Lee's best effort to say hey your eating a person Duck continues to eat Mark's leg. What's worse is Duck noticably wants to keep eating Mark. Everyone is like OMG and Duck is there with fork is mouth about to scream "Pass over those 2 meatballs please"

I don't know. I just can't get on the side of poor old Duck.

What do yur guys think.. Is Duck gonna cause another death in Episode 3? Perhaps they will head back to the drug store and Duck can eat a tube of Preparation H? Duck could root through Carly's purse and find her secret toy she really needs those batteries for. The possibilities are hilarious and endless.

You never know Duck could figure out that since a zombie bites kills a human Duck could make the connection that if he eats or bites a zombie it will bring the zombie back to life.

Anyway what do you guys think Duck will do or cause in episode 3??

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  • @bdawgnit1785 said: If you give clem the half apple (that looks way too much like an orange) She says they are her favorite. maybe you guys just gave her the wrong food lol. i figured kids get fruit as its most likely to help them live on so little to eat.

    If you give an apple to pretty much anybody, they usually say something different then what they would say if you gave them another food item.

  • well these kids are like what 8 years old least clem was 8 cant expect a whole lot of intelligence yet especially when it comes to adult situations.

  • I feel you.
    I tried my very best to understand Duck means well and that he's just a kid who probably needs to be forgiven every time he makes a mistake.

    Knowing that, I'd probably still spare him IN THE GAME.
    And just kill him off when I have a second playthrough, and that is if TTG even considered the possibility of letting us kill a child.

    Put Duck in to an actual situation, just like any kid we encounter on the streets, I wouldn't leave him for dead, but I'd imagine myself pulling that child to one corner, start yelling at him and get some pretty scary messages jammed in his head, because he can't expect himself to get in to trouble all the time and have someone else take his place in death.

    One reason why I never liked Duck in the first place is partially due to his parents as well. Duck, like any other kid, throws direct comments at you, and I can understand that because like I said, he's a child. But I believe that trait came from Kenny as well, who isn't so empathetic or thoughtful when it came to other survivors.

    I believe Katjaa may have spoiled him badly before the apocalypse happened, to have Duck behave to such a stage. Not saying all the only child ends up being stupid *points at Clementine*, but I'm pretty sure how Duck reacts to the apocalyptic setting is due to his parents' attitude.

  • Little Lamplight! Good one Master!

  • @Zeruis said: If you give an apple to pretty much anybody, they usually say something different then what they would say if you gave them another food item.

    There's an easter egg in that scene if you give the cookie to the mouse.

    @Zeruis said: Little Lamplight! Good one Master!

    Thanks! Who doesn't love Fallout?

  • Falllout faallllloututtt fsalfsfsdfsd who said falllooooooooooiuttttt!!!

  • "Falllout faallllloututtt fsalfsfsdfsd who said falllooooooooooiuttttt!!!"

  • I see Duck getting bitten and kenny trying to hide it and as him and Lee argue over it

    (duck has change into)

    The QUACK QUACK KILLER and eats Katjaa LOL:eek:

  • @Master of Aeons said: "Falllout faallllloututtt fsalfsfsdfsd who said falllooooooooooiuttttt!!!"

    foaming is never a good sign..

    hiding like shaun of the dead shauns mum ?

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