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All-Time Favorite Adventure Game Jokes

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What are your all-time favorite adventure game jokes?

My list would have to include...


+ Getting Razor to microwave and give the dead hamster to Weird Ed is probably the most twisted and demented gag of all, but in a warm and cuddly kind of way.

+ Drowning your buddy in the nuclear reactor cooling pool.

+ Microwaving the pool water. I like how the character runs around the kitchen like a chicken with it's head cut off yelling "Ahhhhh! Radioactive steam!"

+ Showing the Green Tentacle your record contract.

+ Playing the tentacle mating call record for the Green Tentacle. I like this joke because it's romantic.

+ The various ways of blowing up the house, and the awesome music that follows.

They're all brilliant!


+ Sneaking into Scumsoft, and facing Elmo Pug. The whole Scumsoft thing was the perfect parody of Microsoft's reaction to software pirating. I wonder if software managers still have bull whips at software companies.

+ Thermal weave underwear for extreme heat. Classic.

The list could go on and on...

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