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The Traitor

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My thoughts are larry despite being dead he could of been hording food for himself, of course if the thieving is on going it isn't larry but it could then be lilly. she would blame everyone else to undermine lee and kenny causing the group to implode and well who the fuck knows !

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  • / means or in the poll not and..

    yup the onearmed man is a mask meme/fugitive reference cookies to those who got it ;)

    reason why i grouped the polls is cos larry is now dead but most people know how close lilly and larry had been.

    lee (being the player, why would we have to go looking for the bag if we stole it's contents to hide, would be retarded..)

    clem n duck the kids (scooby doo style)

    ben and katjaa being thr least likely

    also to save space in the poll ;)

  • Now that I think about it.. IT HAS TO BE BEN!!!

  • There might be no traitor at all, and Lilly's just being overly paranoid and linking a bunch of little accidents, misplaced stuff, and other things together.

  • Maybe the traitor depends on the choices you have made previously and how you have acted towards each person, and is a different person in each playthrough? Unlikely, but it would be pretty cool.

  • Well, let's take a look at everyone's motivations...

    Larry: Trying to protect himself and his daughter, could have been stealing some of the food, but I think that's probably unlikely.

    Lilly: Getting more detatched from the group due to the death of her dad. She could also be leaving for woodbury and taking food and supplies for when/if she takes off on her own.

    Clem: Could be stealing due to how she is being brought up by lee. She may be stealing after seeing lee and everyone else steal from the car, or maybe not if you didn't loot the car.

    Duck: Wouldn't surprise me. His father's attitude could be rubbing off on him.

    Lee: Pretty unlikely. I think we would know about it.

    Kenny: Getting more detatched. Doesn't really care about anyone but his family, wants to keep them fed.

    Ben: New to the group. May not be treated as a full member of the group. Also, he is young, and naive.

    Katjaa: Don't really think it's her. Maybe the same reasons as Kenny.

    Doug: Can't think of a good reason. Haven't done a doug playthrough yet.

    Carley: Can't think of a good reason. Carley seems to be a bit more isolated, really only close to Lee. Then again, she could be setting someone up in order to get Lee into full control of the group.

    One Armed Man: wat.

  • it's a joke

    seriously... ;)


  • @Don'tLickTheSaltLick said: One Armed Man: wat.

    A good indication of age and/or culture.

  • Just to be clear: I get the reference. I was just saying that as I was confused as to why people were voting for it :)

  • have you see the other polls in threads ? some of them have a 'joke' choice it's how we roll here ;)

  • I'm not exactly sure why or what the "traitor" is doing from what I've seen in the trailer. Lilly makes a comment about "trading" which makes me assume that someone is dealing with the bandits much like the St. Johns with their BBQ Mark legs.
    But then again, maybe someone, like a lot of you seem to think, is taking it for themselves or for their family/loved ones.
    Either way, I'm not sure it's anyone in the group. Could be Ben but I think Lilly might just be setting all this up for some reason.

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