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Can not remap keys by design

posted by Voodz on - last edited - Viewed by 10.7K users

I have just bougth The Walking Dead, and I am unable to change the controls.
When i go into the settings, I have a big xBox control and i cant change anything.

Help please.

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    And btw, I should be able to use whatever the hell I want for keys. What is this 1988? This is my first AND LAST tell tale game.

    WTG tell tale.

  • @Kenneloth said: Why do you wanna remap the keys? Keys are just fine.

    I'm sorry, but that statement is completely dismissive and ignorant. Even for console games, I expect to be able to re-map my controls. It is just plain lazy for game developers not to allow customization of game settings, especially the control interface.

    There are any number of reasons to re-map keys. From physical disabilities, to custom controllers, to just simple, I like it this way.

    Limiting the gaming experience for users by preventing such a simplistic and commonly available feature will prevent me from purchasing telltale games again in the future. Obviously, I should have researched the game better before my purchase, but such limitations should not be expected in modern games.

    - Zen

  • I'm left-handed and playing with an Azerty keyboard. Screw this setup...

    I'll ask for a refund.

  • arrow keys also work...

    a bad workman always blames his/her tools.

  • Arrow keys work. I use them even though I'm a northpaw. Have you guys even played the game or are you just complaining?

  • played on pc with both wsad and arrow keys with a qwerty

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    ncrawler BANNED

    Answer in French ;);)

    Meme probleme pour moi: c'est du n'importe quoi.

    Bref, li suffit de faire un SHIFT + ALT durant les premieres secondes du jeu:Le clavier passe en qwerty pour le jeu .... au moins ca devient jouable

    voila, voila .... pas d'autres solutions pour le moment


  • So I finally fire up this game today after buying it during the Steam summer sale at a friend's suggestion. BIG MISTAKE. I don't use WASD nor do I use an uninverted Y axis in any of the games I play.

    I have used ASDX (S for forward and X for back) since the early 90s when I played System Shock as my first FPS style game. I cannot think of a SINGLE game in the past 20 years that didn't allow you to rebind movement keys and flip the Y axis.

    What the hell is this? I don't mean to sound like an ass, but this is a huge oversight. This "WASD by design" is absolutely nonsense. I will not be buying another product from TTG nor will I be recommending their games if this is the type of product they produce. It's like making a car without the ability to change gears or go in reverse.

    PLEASE FIX this issue. I shouldn't have to download a third party utility to fix what should have already been an option in the game. To many of us your game is broken because of a short sighted design decision.

  • Use the arrow keys. Find a program that changes your mouse directions. I think I've seen a few posted.

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