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[Spoiler] Episode 3...and I'm stuck...

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...At the Motel. "Robin" has shown me the pink chalk. I've discussed everything that I could with everyone, it appears. I found the broken glass, and the chalk marking. Been upstairs. But, I can't seem to push forward. I'm walking around, and I don't know what to do to move the story forward. What am I missing? What haven't I done?

Talked to Carly. Agreed. Then went back and told her that I spoke with everyone.

Talked with Kenny and Katjia, and even told Kat about the events in the the freezer.

Talked to Lilly, but haven't been able to update her on what I've found. Only gave me other options to discuss with her.

Talked with Ben. Talked with Clementine.

Found the broken glass, the chalk star. Saw the RV, the Motor Inn sign, and the gate.

Anyone's help is most appreciated.

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