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So it seems to me it's impossible for people to hate the people who die

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Everyone hated Larry to the core in 1, talked about getting revenge and couldn't wait to kill him. Then in 2, everyone suddenly wants to save his life, and starts rationalizing his actions for leaving you for death and all the hate towards you.

Meanwhile everyone hates on Duck more then Ive ever seen to a video game child. Blaming him for Shaun's death, constantly berating him and was voted most hated and wished to die after Larry.

Then comes episode 3 and everyone is sad for his death, wishing they could save him, and everyone starts to like him.

I haven't seen anyone dislike Mark, Katjaa, Doug, or Carley either before or after their death. Not one person has died where people say "Good". I personally Think Kenny is next and everyone will get upset and sad again. I dunno if we all believe its wrong to talk bad about someone who died despite different opinions when their alive (MJ anyone?), or if its just very good writing.

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