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Just finished Episode 2...

posted by Wataman on - last edited - Viewed by 327 users

Hi all,

I just finished episode 2 in preparation for episode 3's upcoming release. (PC: Steam.)

However, after I closed the game and came back to it shortly afterwards, when I go into save select I can only see an Episode 1 save file (My file/time from my completion of episode 1 - the one I loaded to complete episode 2 on.)

When I load this file and go to Episode 2 on the chapter select, there is no "Continue" option or any statistics screen or "Rewind" option. I fully completed Episode 2, and took a screenshot of my statistics screen at the end. (I completed Episode 2 in one sitting, if that makes any difference.)

Anyone know what might be happening here?

Thanks for any help.

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