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Episode 3 release dates: PSN NA, XBOX, PC/MAC out NOW, Steam Aug 29th (by 6pm PDT)!

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Episode 3 release dates below. See you on the other side!

PSN NA: Out now
Xbox: Out now
PC/Mac/Steam: Aug 29th, by 6pm PST (US west coast time)


All right, that last one was a bit ill-fated. :(

No prizes this time, unless someone steps in to provide any. Virtual crown to the winners instead and the undying respect of the community (AND the developers of course). We're still voting for the PC/Mac version here primarily... but we could well call the console date guessers winners just like last time. ;)

And who knows, it COULD be a simultaneous release after all! :eek:

Good luck everyone.

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  • @corruptbiggins said: It's in the hands of the certifiers at Sony Europe and there's not a thing Telltale can do to speed up the process. As soon as it has been certified for release it will be released as soon as possible.

    So chill, and go easy on the insults.

    Bit strange that considering that game was meant to be out two weeks ago isn't it? If I was to decide to pay play the games first by pirating them and then give them money if and when I felt like it, I don't think TTG would be so silent. So no I won't go easy on the insults, there is no reason for this at all and SCEE have stated that it is TTG. SCEE may be taking long to release it but it's TTG who have kept costumers in dark and delayed the game for absolutely no reason, releasing it with tons of bugs that render it unplayable.

  • @tinker13 said: NOOOO! Just finished downloading to find all my saves gone! Ahhhhhh! ><


    After waiting all this time for Episode 3, I am now stuck replaying 10+ hours of Episode 1 and 2 content to get back to the point I was, before I even get to see the Episode 3 content. I have a few more tricks to try (thank you Ytman!), but if I can't get my saves back, I will just wait for all 5 episodes to be out before starting over, because I certainly don't plan on going thru all of this 2 more times...

    It's kinda sad when you look for help on the tech support page, and see that 80-90% of the advice/suggestions on there are from other players. Where's the tech support? Where are the hot fix's? The patch's?

    You know this reflects badly on a game right? "Mr. Joe Smart Consumer" that desides to research a product before buying it would probably never touch this game if he saw this lack of communication, not to mention all the negativity on these forums. Negativity on forums is what made me avoid your Jurassic park game.

    Next time TellTale comes out with a game that I absolutely want (and by "absolutely want" I mean another TWD game, because now I sure will never touch any of their other titles), I will wait till all episodes have been released, all bugs ironed out and selling for 50% off on Steam, 'cause I certainly will never pay full price for one of their games again.

  • I like to have small things to look forward to.. but I'm growing impatient!

    Everyone but us PS3 from Europe has the game, and probably 80% has played it. While we just have to.. wait.. and wait.. :p

    I want the game SO bad!! :( It's about 05:20 in California now,so we'll not have any news on their Facebook or Twitter considering anything in a couple of hours.... However.. I'm impatient now!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @sondrman said:
    Everyone but us PS3 from Europe has the game

    ...because iOS never counts.

  • @Vainamoinen said: ...because iOS never counts.

    Damn.. sorry. STILL.. this sucks ass!

  • When does Telltale go to work? :p

  • And it was worth the wait.
    Maybe not as "tense" as episode 2 but still awesome. Different kind of awesome, but still !

  • Am i the only one who havent got the game?? I regret that i bought it on EU PS3...

  • Just realized... I guessed the date right.. YAY ME!!!!! What do I win?? Free trip to the Bahamas? $200 Gamestop gift card?? Bragging rights??

    I was RIGHT. Nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo. (second time I've been able to use the Nana nana quote on these forums and that's a rarity)

  • @Vainamoinen said: ...because iOS never counts.

    Well, they are iOS users, so I mean.

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